New Study Reveals People Who Curse More Tend To Be More Honest

Some people say that those who curse show poor social skills, or that their profane vocabulary reveals a lack of sophistication. According to a new study, people who curse more tend to be just as intelligent, and more honest than people who don’t curse. Holy sh*t!
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Truth. In conversation, when a person swears, psychologists claim that they are more likely to be telling the truth and conveying their honest thoughts, opinions and feelings. A true response rather than one that’s been shaped and reshaped.

Honest communication. Honest communication is considered to be more important than being somewhat socially indelicate at times (within reason). So, it might be a little socially indelicate at times.

Yes, swearing is good for you. If your friends swear a lot, they may influence the frequency that you swear in conversation, which is not necessarily a bad thing, Swearing can help to reduce stress in tense situations. Swearing can even aid in pain relief. Cursing can set off the fight or flight response, increasing adrenaline.

The right place at the right time. A little lewd conversation can be funny, under the right circumstances. It’s not okay to start dropping f-bombs at a funeral, but expletives can add a lot of color to a conversation at the right place at the right time.

Letting down your guard. If a person swears around you, it can be an indicator that he or she is letting down their guard. When people are comfortable in our presence, our personal level of comfort increases as well.

Kick back and relax. It can be enjoyable to have a compatriot who enjoys breaking social rules. Rebellious friends who aren’t total loose cannons can be fantastic to hang out with.

A direct conversational style. People with no filter can sometimes come across as hurtful or unkind due to their bluntness and very direct conversational style. However, people who are unfiltered tend to be genuine.

Being downright vulgar. There is a difference between peppering your vernacular with the occasional expletive and being downright vulgar and obscene. If you’re not sure if your swearing level is over the line, look for social cues. If people run in the opposite direction, it might mean that you need to reel it in a little.

You are f*cking intelligent. There was a common misconception for many years that people who use profanity are typically of below average intelligence. This theory has since been debunked.

Education. The use of profanity is not an indicator of intelligence, nor is it an indicator of educational level. Plenty of people with god damn master’s degrees like to curse!

When your lexicon truly is the sh*t. Some people who curse regularly have an even more advanced vocabulary than the average person. Studies have shown that people who can recite the most curse words in a minute tend to have an exceptional grasp of linguistic skills.

Colorful language. Having a taboo-filled lexicon can even indicate that you have a superior grasp of language. Take, for example, Monty Python’s famous “The Many Uses of F*ck.”

Kumquat faced saddlebag. Cursing has been linked to creativity. Some individuals enjoy coming up with their own filthy expressions and phrases.

Oh, fiddlesticks! Of course, some people will never accept the regular use of curse words. Well, they can go kick dirt.

Swear away, swear away, swear away. So get out your swear jar and run with it. Life is too short to censor yourself, motherf*ckers.

Source : RebelCircus