New York Restaurant Limits Parents To One Drink When Dining With Children

An American restaurant has banned both parents from having more than one alcoholic drink if they’re with children – with the rule splitting opinion on social media.

Peddler’s Bar and Grille, in Clifton Park, refuses to serve a second drink to ‘one responsible adult’ dining with children.

The policy states: “The commitment to end fatalities from drinking and driving requires all of us to participate.

“Each of us take part in this mission in our own unique way.

“We at Peddlers will limit one of the responsibilities adults to one alcoholic beverage while dining with children.”

Although the policy has been in place for a couple of years it has recently been subject of discussion on social media, with some praising the rule as creating a safer environment for children, whilst others have criticised it for policing behaviour.

Restaurant manager Melissa Gravelle explained to 3News that the policy is about ‘giving children a voice’ and reducing the chance of drink-driving related accident

“I could never live with myself knowing that I killed somebody driving,” she said. “I could never do that so and it’s a choice that you can avoid.”

Although most customers are accepting of the rule, Gravelle admitted that it did sometimes result in customers becoming aggressive with staff.

“They do get berated at the tables and some come back very very upset,” she added. “But the managers go to the table and they explain, we’re not picking on parents, it’s just something that we feel in our hearts is something that we can do in order to help.”