Have You Noticed A Woman With This Tattoo? If So, Here’s What It Means

Tattoos aren’t just works of art – very often, they carry feelings of sentiment, meaning and even a purposeful mission. The tattoo you see here is simple – a curved line with two red hearts. But what could this possibly mean? Take a closer look – it represents a silhouette of an expectant mother, and the hearts are of her own and her newborn’s.

The single line design represents the unbreakable bond between the mother and her child – its simple, yet meaningful. This tattoo has also become a symbol for grieving mothers who have gone through miscarriages worldwide.

The tattoo aims to build a support system for women who have suffered this unfortunate ordeal – a sense of femininity and togetherness for all, so no one would feel as if they were left alone to suffer. Do you know someone who bears this tattoo design?

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