Is This The Most Painful Tattoo In The World?

Tattoos are definitely a love it or hate it thing. Some people think of tattoos as an expression of yourself and your creativity, whereas others find them ugly and wonder how they’ll look when you grow old. Sometimes it can even be more difficult to get a job because of your tattoo choices.

But no matter where you stand on the subject of tattoos, you know one thing is absolutely true – tattoos hurt! Maybe a little, maybe a lot, maybe a little more if you’re a bit of a wimp, but they’ll always hurt one way or another. But would you put yourself through getting a tattoo with the whole point being to feel a lot of pain?

Yes, there are actually people who get tattooed just to feel the crazy amounts of pain that they can be put through. These people seek out the tattoo artists at the Brutal Black Project, who are more than happy to hold their customers down and go needle crazy all over them.

The Brutal Black Project put their customers (or should that be victims?) through the most pain possible by tattooing huge, dense black block tattoos all over their bodies. And not just the body, the tattoos often even stretch to the person’s face too! If you think a regular tattoo is painful, it’s nothing compared to one of these!

But the Brutal Black artists won’t let just anyone sit under their needles. They’re only interested in people who want to look as brutal as physically possible. One of the tattoo artists behind the project, Cammy Stewart, told Vice that, “If you want a brutal-looking tattoo, there is only one way to get it: brutally. If you want to look brutal, you have to go through the process.” Needless to say, this is not for the faint of heart!

Naturally, it’s not easy to find people who will intentionally put themselves through a very painful and permanent process, and the Brutal Black guys have only managed to find three people willing to go through the process. Although it’s free for any customers who take the pain, it’s not very popular and they won’t let anyone go through the process if they’re unsure. Stewart said that they always stop if the customer can’t take the pain, “If they’re pleading, you stop. It’s not forced upon them.”

One of the crazy customers of the Brutal Black Project, Frankie, spoke to Vice about going through this painful procedure. He commented, “I don’t give a f ** k about pain. If you don’t feel pain, you’re not alive.” Sorry Frankie, but I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one!

We’ve got a video of the Brutal Black Project in action. Watch them take their customers through the most painful experience of their life as they shake and scream in pain. Naturally, this video is not for those with sensitive stomachs, so turn back now if horror movies aren’t for you!

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Source : AuntyAcid