It’s just not cute!
When you love someone, you owe it to them to tell it like it is. Communication is key in relationships, but sometimes it’s hard to be totally honest with your SO… especially if the topic is things they do that just aren’t working for you. When someone goes all out to make you happy or to try to be cute or hot, maybe the best thing is to tell them that it’s just not working, but most people would find they just don’t have the heart to tell them the truth.

These people shared what their partners do that they truly believe is attractive, but is just plain awkward.


He’s VEEEEEEEEEEEEEERY quiet during sex. Like, no sounds coming from him. I’m under him screaming and moaning and begging for more and he’s just staring at me silently lol. I told him that a vocal partner is f**king hot and he sounded like a whale. And he thought he was doing what I asked and it sounded hilarious but I didn’t say anything. I mean, honey you’re not a whale lol but whatever works for you! (_throwaway1_2_3)

“Sexy Dance”

My ex, but she would try to ‘sexy dance’ for me. The first time she did it we were hammered and I was super enthusiastic. The hammered part is apparently essential because she’d frequently do it after that and it was painfully cringy and awkward. She was just so white and she’d just kind of shake/gyrate at me. She was really proud of her ‘moves’ so I never told her the remaining 4 years we were together. It sometimes pops in my head and I’ll crack up thinking about her doing that for her now-husband and he just has to bear through it. (shaboingdezzleknock)

Pornstar Moves

She tries to act like a pornstar sometimes, but it’s just so cringy. (BangYourFluff)

It’s just not cute!

She kept saying she was in the mood and wanted her “daddy”. I didn’t want to break it to her but I cringed internally pretty bad and was honestly quite turned off after she said it. We’re no longer together but it had nothing to do with the daddy thing. (Interestingly_Boring)


My girlfriend thinks she’s great at giving BJ’s but she uses her teeth without realizing it. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times subtly but I don’t wanna outright tell her and hurt her feelings. Needless to say I don’t ask for blowjobs anymore, we just f**k like animals. (mattarous)

Cruella De Ville

My ex used to like to try and seductivly strip when she was changing, while humming burlesque style music.

Except her tune almost always turned into the Cruella De Ville theme from 101 Dalmations and she didn’t realize it for months until I finally told her. (lokigodofchaors)