People are sharing their picks for Sexiest Man Alive because sorry Blake Shelton but no.

In its annual inventory of who is attractive and who has yet to die, People magazine has declared country man Blake Shelton to be the Sexiest Man Alive.


People of the internet were quick to take to the streets and declare, “NOT MY SEXIEST MAN ALIVE,” protesting the injustice of a bloated vanilla biscuit taking the title despite so clearly NOT winning the popular vote. Twitter is sharing their choices, and yes, this post is basically just an excuse just to look at sexy men.
1. Jeff Goldblum

2. Henry Cavill

3. Dennis Quaid

4. Mahershala Ali

5. Oscar Isaac

6. Idris Elba

7. Mark Ruffalo

8. Rami Malek

9. Ryan Reynolds

10. Jeff Golbum again

11. Idris Elba again (!!!)

12. Joe Jonas

13. Jason Momoa

14. This Guy on The Tube

15. Joe Keery

Also, shout out to Omar Sharif, this year’s Sexiest Man Dead.

Source : Someecards