PETA Tried To Guilt People on Twitter For Eating Bacon, but It Backfired

PETA’s concern for the well-being of animals extends to how animals are treated by the food industry, and also just the general idea of eating animals. So when the animal rights group asked for feedback on the “best” reason for eating bacon, people could smell a trap easily enough.

Here’s the original post.

To some extent, PETA had to know what they were getting into, just like Twitter users knew that this was bound to be a one-sided discussion if Twitter had its way.

The glowing reviews for bacon started rolling in.

Sure, some people railed against it, but PETA’s gotten a pretty bad rap in the past few years, so people tended to be a little antagonistic.

There you have it.

I mean, it’s not true at all, but that’s still a pretty fun take on the matter, isn’t it?

That doesn’t really answer PETA’s question, but it was plenty funny.

Ron Swanson would definitely be on the pro-bacon side. And he might have more fans than PETA does.

This one gets a little meta.

Take your time to really think about it and see if you agree. It’s a bold statement either way.