Pictures Show the Execution of a Pedophile Who Raped and Murdered a Three-Year-Old Girl

Several thousand people gathered in the Yemeni capital city of Sana’a to watch the public execution of Mohammed al-Moghrabi. al-Moghrabi, who was 41, was sentenced to death on June 25 in a Yemeni court for his crimes. He was forced to lie down on a rug placed on the ground as the execution took place while the crowd looked on.

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Muhammad al-Maghrab and his victim. al-Maghrab brutally raped and murdered his 3-year-old victim right at the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

The sentence. A Yemeni court sentenced him to death on June 25. The heinous crime was considered to be particularly egregious since it took place during Ramadan.

The crowd. Thousands gathered in the Yemeni capital to witness the execution. Guards had to protect Mohammed from violence before the execution could take place.

The space. A space was cleared toward the center of the crowd. A rug was placed on the ground and Mohammed was ordered to lie down upon it.

Silence. Mohammed remained silent as he waited to be executed. The crowd cheered and recorded the execution on their cell phones.

The executioner. The executioner approached Mohammed to carry out the sentence. He used an AK-47 style weapon.

The shot. The rifle was pressed up against his back. As the executioner fired, the crowd cheered.

Yemen. Yemen is a relatively new republic. The north and south were joined together and tensions exist between the two regions.

The Arab Spring. The Arab Spring in 2011 also reignited tensions. Tensions reached a fever pitch throughout the region.

Yemeni people. The Yemeni people shown here are united against Saleh. Conflicts between the government and the rebels have been brewing for some time.

Yemeni students. The Yemeni people are devoted to protecting their children. Yemeni schools are sacred to the people.

Unsafe. During the conflicts between the rebels and the army, there is always an increased risk of sexual violence. The Yemeni people strive to protect Yemeni women and girls.

Civil War. Currently, Houthi rebels control the Yemeni capital. It is a struggle to maintain safety for the people and to keep violence against women and children to a minimum.

Other problems. Other major problems exist, including a lack of fresh water. Cases of cholera are on the rise in Yemen.

yemeni people united against Saleh

Humanitarian efforts. Humanitarian efforts are underway to help the people of Yemen. It is feared by many that Yemen will become the next Syria.

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