Police Officer Who Received Oral Sex From Child Doesn’t Have To Register As Sex Offender

A former police officer with the Houston Independent School District (HISD) was given a surprising lax punishment after pleading guilty to an inappropriate relationship with a minor at the school where he was employed. In fact, the school cop won’t have to register as a sex offender even after he admitted to receiving oral sex from a child. Yes, really. Read on below.

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Police officer who… Jacob Ryan Delgadillo, a cop at Cullen Middle School, was charged with two felony counts of indecency with a minor. He is accused of fondling a 14-year-old girl and having the girl perform oral sex on him, according to Chron.

Police officer who… “Delgadillo said little as he pleaded guilty to state District Judge Marc Carter, but acknowledged that he will have to surrender his law enforcement license as part of the plea deal,” Chron reports.

Police officer who… Delgadillo’s five-year probation punishment is quite shocking, especially since he was facing a possible 20-year prison sentence for the crime.

Police officer who… Not only does he have a relatively easy sentence, he also will not have to register as a sexual offender. This is despite his guilty verdict and admission to the crime. Yes, seriously.

Police officer who… Additionally, Chron reports “deferred adjudication, a form of probation that means he will not have a conviction on his record if he successfully completes the probation.” Delgadillo is paying a small price for his serious offense.

Police officer who… In order to successfully complete the probationary period, he must avoid contact with the girl or any other minors. If he fails to do this, he will be given the maximum punishment. If he succeeds, he will walk.

Police officer who… Despite this eyebrow-raising verdict, the prosecutor, Jennifer Stabe, said that the family of the victim was satisfied with the decision. Delgadillo’s attorney, Paul Atman, declined to comment, Chron reports.

Police officer who… According to Chron, the two counts of child indecency were dismissed due to a plea deal. When he pled guilty, it was only to the existence of an improper relationship with the child and placing the girl’s hands on his genitals.

Police officer who… The incident occurred in 2015. In the fall of that same year is when suspicions were first raised. A witness at the school noticed Delgadillo exhibiting extremely inappropriate behavior during school hours.

Police officer who… She told the police that Delgadillo had shown her photos of him naked on his phone. Additionally, she confessed to performing oral sex on the 30-year-old man in the girl’s bathroom on school grounds.

Police officer who… Upon learning of the sexual abuse allegations, Delgadillo was immediately removed from duty. He resigned shortly after in December, during his forced leave of absence.

Police officer who… The Houston School District officials released the following statement: “HISD takes situations such as this very seriously, as the safety of students is always the district’s top priority,” Click 2 Houston reports.

Police officer who… When searching through his phone, law enforcement later found several photos on it of him in various states of undress. In one photo he is exposing himself in his campus office and dressed in his campus cop uniform.

Police officer who… Parents of children who attend the middle school have been vocal about their concerns. “These innocent children shouldn’t be affiliated or associated with things like that. They come here to learn, not to learn how to have sex,” said parent Nekelie Hill.

Police officer who… Another parent has decided to remove her child from the school altogether. “I’m really concerned,” Kim Brown, a parent, told Click 2 Houston. “I don’t really want my daughter here anymore. In fact, this is her last year. I really despise this school.”

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