Prostitute Ripped Condom Off Client’s Penis and Swallowed It to Hide Evidence

A sex worker got into some trouble after she swallowed her client’s condom in an effort to hide evidence when the massage parlor where she worked was raided by police. The worker, who is a Vietnamese national living in Taiwan, was charged with attempting to destroy evidence. As it turns out, people swallow condoms fairly often. Sometimes it happens accidentally, but more often than not, it’s intentional. Condoms are apparently used for a lot more than birth control.

Taiwan. As in many parts of the world, Taiwan has a busy red light district. It’s common for brothels to operate under the guise of a massage parlor.

Raids. Raids are also common, and they often involve taking sex workers into custody and charging them hefty fines. In some cases, the sex workers are incarcerated.

Hiding the evidence. So, when the police show up to search the place, the women scramble to hide any evidence indicating that prostitution is taking place. In this case, the woman in question was servicing a client. In order to hide the evidence, the quickly swallowed the condom her client had on.

Constant coughing. While in custody, the woman couldn’t stop coughing and kept repeatedly asking for water. Suspicious, the police had an x-ray taken, and the condom was discovered.

Swallowing condoms. Swallowing condoms is not as rare as you might think. Reportedly, it happens easily during oral sex if you have a deepthroating-related mishap.

Drug trafficking. It’s also a strategy utilized by cartels to have mules swallow drug-filled condoms in order to transport the product across state, and sometimes country, lines. This can get pretty dangerous; the condoms can tear, releasing dangerous amounts of drugs into the carrier’s system.

Injury in Cameroon. A 26-year-old woman from Cameroon accidentally swallowed a condom while performing oral sex on her boyfriend. She developed tenderness and severe abdominal pain.

Intestinal blockage. The wayward condom caused a nasty intestinal blockage. She had to undergo abdominal surgery to have the condom removed.

Appendicitis. In a similar incident, a woman accidentally ingested a condom the same way. This time, bits of the condom became lodged in her appendix, causing a fluid buildup. This led to a serious case of appendicitis and required immediate surgery.

How embarrassing. Have you ever heard of a dog eating a condom out of the trash? Well, it does happen, and when it does, it requires a trip to the vet. Otherwise, the condom can get caught in your dog’s intestines and cause serious damage, even death.

Transporting other goods. In addition to being used to smuggle drugs, condoms are commonly used to smuggle items into prisons. For example, cell phones and other contraband are placed inside a condom and inserted into the rectum to be smuggled inside.

Swallowing evidence. In the case of the lady working in Taiwan, the condom was never recovered. However, in some countries, the police are allowed to take certain steps to recover evidence that’s been swallowed, and it’s not pleasant.

Other uses for condoms. Believe it or not, a condom can be used as an emergency firestarter. If you hold a match to a latex condom, it will ignite immediately and provide an excellent source of kindling. So, next time you go camping, bring some extra condoms just in case.

Fishing lure. In Cuba, some fisherman secure condoms to the end of their lines before they cast off into the water. It allows for greater strength and security while reeling a fish in, and it allows the line to travel further.

Recycled goods. Yes, used condoms can be recycled and turned into other goods. One example? Soccer balls.

Source : RebelCircus