Redheads Found To Be Genetically Superior

Redheads get a bad rap sometimes. Often if there’s a group of girls, the redhead is the frump of the group. Take Miranda from “Sex And The City.” Total frump. The truth is though, redheads actually strike a chord deep within us. They are inherently exotic and because of that, we both desire and fear them. New research shows they might not just be exotic, but special from genetic standpoint. That’s right. Redheads found to be genetically superior.

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Extinct. There’s been a belief amongst a select few that redheads are going extinct. Because the gene is recessive, they believed that it’s less likely to survive and attribute their difficulty staying in the sun as evidence of this. However, other recessive genes, for example color blindness, have fared just fine. So redheads aren’t going anywhere and you might want to nab one to marry if you want to have a bright future.

Study. The study done at the Universite de Bretagne-sud in France consisted of women in different wigs being observed at a nightclub. The researchers sought to find out which women were approached the most. Redheads were actually approached the least at a mere 1 percent.

However. However, the redheads they found weren’t approached less because men considered them more attractive. Rather, the men considered them most attractive in many situations.

Competence. According to Elevated Today, the experiment says a lot about the way men think about women: “So far from finding redheads to be ugly or undesirable, the opposite was almost true: they found them so desirable that the redheads were ‘out of their league’, so to speak. When asked to comment on the women they approached vs the women they didn’t approach, they rated the redheads more sensuous and promiscuous seeming- both signifiers that would possibly help in the baby making arena.”

Sexual. In a survey done of the men involved in the experiment, researchers found that men considered blondes most needy and for this reason, they approached them the most. Redheads, they considered most sexual.

Red and sex. Other studies have found that the color red in and of itself is subconsciously linked to sexuality in the human brain . Men see red and think sex in part due to primate reponses to the color. This can be seen in baboons who genitals swell and become red when they are aroused.

CEO’s. Redheads also seem to own a claim of higher intelligence and success rates. A recent study in the UK culled all the female CEO’s in Brittan in order to find out which hair color ruled the boardroom.

Per Capita. Although they found that the most CEO’s were blonde at 5 percent, redheads came in a close second at 4 percent. However, when you consider that 25 percent of women in the UK have blonde hair and a mere 1 percent have red hair this is a pretty startling figure.

Pain. Past studies have claimed that redheads are more susceptible to pain than brunettes or blondes. However, the truth of the matter is more complex. Redheads don’t feel more pain, they feel different pain.

Weakness.Redheads are more susceptible to certain kinds of pain. They are more sensitive to the cold, and are less responsive to anesthetics. They also have more toothaches and are a greater risk of developing sclerosis and endometriosis.

Strengths. On the other hand, stinging pains in the skin affect redheads less than us. They are also less sensitive to spicy foods and heat in general. Their skin shows less reaction to the presence of chemicals that cause a burning sensation, making them basically like the Khaleesi. The reason for this it seems is the existence of a so-called “redhead gene.”

The gene. The study, which was conducted by Aalborg University found that there is a redhead gene and it’s far more complex than the brunette or blonde equivalent. MC1R is the name of the gene.

Past studies. The UK isn’t the only place where redheads have taken over the boardroom. Both the University of Tenesse and Dalton State college did similar experiments that found that redheads are four times more likely to be CEO’s.

Approach. Do you have a thing for redheads? Whether you answered yes or no, it turns out you might have a thing for redheads without knowing it. A recent study shows evidence that redheaded woman are most desired by men and yet, considered harder to get.

History. Historically, redheads have been been singled out as more assertive, clever and powerful than women of other hair colors. They’ve also been demonized. This has often been the case for groups of people that are different and considered different by society, or a threat.