Russia’s “Hannibal Lecter” Bites Nurse in Four-Hour Attack

A woman has been left horribly disfigured after her date savagely attacked her, biting off chunks of her flesh for a four-hour period of time. Irina Gonchar, a 41-year-old nurse, was sharing a romantic dinner with her date, 45-year-old Anatoliy Ezkhov, when he pounced on her, tearing away at her flesh like an animal.
Warning: graphic images.

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Irina Gonchar. Anatoliy Ezhkov and Irina Gonchar met online. The two hit it off, and decided to meet in person.

Anatoliy Ezhkov. Gonchar agreed to come to Ezkhov’s flat. The two dined together, drank wine, and then progressed to hard liquor. It’s believed that at some point, Ezhkov took some mind altering drugs, but it’s not known which ones specifically.

Intoxication. After Irina was sufficiently intoxicated, Anatoliy tied her hands. It’s unknown if this could have started off as some sort of rough sex play, or if it was a violent attack from the start.

The attack. What would happen next would be a four-hour savage, bloody, animalistic attack. Anatoliy proceeded to bite Irina all over her body, tearing away at her with his teeth. At one point, he attempted to strangle her, but his hands were too slippery because there was so much blood.

Hannibal Lecter. Anatoliy bit off Irina’s ears, nose and fingertips. He also ripped out large segments of her spine.

Neighbors. The neighbors could hear Irina’s shrieks for help coming from Anatoliy’s flat. Horrified, they called the police. It’s unknown why it took them four hours to do so.

Anatoliy Ezhkov. Irina also sustained other internal and external injuries. According to The Daily Mail, “she was taken to hospital suffering from concussion, a rib fracture and severe wounds to the rest of her body.”

Irina’s face after the attack. This is what Irina’s face looked like after the attack. She is barely recognizable.

Ear injuries. Irina’s injuries have been described as life-threatening and life-changing. It’s unknown if doctors were able to reattach her fingertips.

Ear injuries. Irina is nowhere near fully recovered. It’s been reported that she suffered massive hearing damage.

Shocking. What’s even more shocking, is that after he was booked, Anatoliy was released from custody. He is currently walking around a free man while Irina languishes in the hospital.

Outrage. The public has expressed outrage that the police let Anatoliy go. There have been several allegations of corruption.

Irina Gonchar. Irina’s current condition is unknown. The extent of her injuries also has not been made public.

Hannibal the cannibal. Not much is known about Anatoliy’s past. Specifically, if he has a prior arrest record or a history of drug-related offenses.

Dr. Lecter. Hopefully, doctors will give Irina all the care that she needs. At 41, she still has a lot of life left to live, and she did not deserve to be the victim of such a horrible, violent, unprovoked attack.

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