Science Reveals If You Have a “Pretty” Vagina or Not

The latest in vagina research? An in-depth look at what makes a vagina “pretty” or not. Indeed, scientists who believe that “female genitalia diversity is poorly documented” have published a study on the aesthetics of a woman’s nether regions, the UK Express reports. The results? Well, let’s just say they’re definitely interesting. Read on below to find out more.

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The study. Researchers have conducted a study on the aesthetics of the vagina, the UK Express reports. The research, the outlet highlights, comes after the increasing rise of labiaplasty procedures and events like last year’s “World’s Most Beautiful Vagina” contest. Yes, that’s seriously a contest.

The contest. Before we get into the study, we know you’re probably aching for a little more info on the contest. In order to participate, women were asked to send pictures of their hoo-has for a cash price of around $3,000, the UK Express reports. Of course, the winner would also receive the honor of the title.

The winner. So, who took home the win? A 27-year-old British woman known as “Nell.” Her vagina was apparently so *beautiful* that it was 3D scanned so that sex toys could be modeled in her likeness. Creepy or cool? We honestly can’t tell.

The winner. At the time, interviewed the winner who said: “[My boyfriend] has always told me, you have a cute, chubby vagina.” She also attributed her reigning supreme to “the position, the lighting, the’s the wrapping rather than the gift.” Right then.

Science. However bizarre, the contest got scientists thinking: What actually makes a vagina “beautiful”? Naturally, they put their science-thinking caps on and decided to conduct a study. Smart.

”The Vulva Paper.” Seemingly, the scientists dubbed the research “The Vulva Paper” and got to work. For the purpose of their data, the researchers looked at all of the images submitted to the contest in a bid to recognize what makes a vagina nice to look at.

The study. According to the UK Express, the researchers first measured the women’s vaginas by “displaying each photo on a 15ins computer screen.” So, they basically put up photos of v-jays for 15 minutes on screens and looked at ‘em. So far so good.

The study. What exactly were they doing during these 15 minutes, you say? Well, they were examining the length of the labia major, labia minor, and the length of the clitoral hood. In other words, they were just measuring the sh*t out of everything down there.

The study. Afterward, the researchers ranked how much the labia minor protruded. They then categorized the contest’s participants into different groups of “vulval morphology.” Yes, you read that right. Vulva. Morphology. Talk about a mood-killer.

The study. Finally, the scientists sent a random selection of photographs to people who voted in the initial contest. They then asked them to number each image from one to 10. Simple enough, right?

Findings. So, what’d the researchers find? While the skew of the results were not overly strong, they did notice a trend, the UK Express reports.

Findings. Namely, the results found that 51 percent of voters preferred a “non-protruding” labia, while 49 percent favored the opposite. In other words, 2 percent more of the participants were more keen to an “innie” versus an “outie.” Rude.

Evidence. “Our study provides extra evidence and confirms such diversity is broad regarding labia size, protuberance and rugosity,” the researchers wrote, the UK Express reports. “It also provides evidence that both simple and more complex vulvas have a nearly equal percentage of admirers.”

Bullsh*t. Overall, the study found that when it comes to vaginas, people pretty much like it all. So that “innie” versus “outie” bullsh*t you hear? Well, it’s just that: bullsh*t.

Takeaway. Bottom line? At the end of the day, vaginas are just vaginas, and all are beautiful. Whether you’ve got “long lips” or “p*rn ones,” just know that your bits are A-OK and most certainly pretty. (And if anyone ever tells you otherwise, kick ‘em to the curb.)

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