The ‘Smallville’ actress Allison Mack is accused of recruiting for a terrifying sex cult.

According to a recent article from Daily Mail, the Smallville actress Allison Mack is a key recruiter for the terrifying sex cult known as DOS. The cult title stands for “dominus obsequious sororium” which is Latin for “master over the slave women.” The members of DOS are composed of the highest ranking women from the self-help group NXIVM, which is a larger cult targeting women.

Just last month the New York Times did a chilling report on NXIVM, which reveals that women are regularly branded with cauterizing rods, placed on starvation diets, and forced to recruit more “sex slaves.” The group was founded by the human hellscape Keith Raniere who allegedly recruits women through the model of a “self-help” group and then traps them in a cult where they’re required to have sex with him. What in the living f*ck?

To make matters (somehow) more terrifying, a Wednesday report from The Sun reveals accusations that Mack, the actress most known for playing Clark Kent’s bff Chloe Sullivan, is one of the main recruiters.

A former spokesman for the group, Frank Parlato, told The Sun:

“If it was just Raniere by himself he would persuade almost no one but he has all these women to induct and hypnotize new women – so you are not just indoctrinated by him but a group of other women – one of them is a well known TV actress so she has influence over them. They induct the women into this secret group by telling them it is an all women’s group – they don’t tell the women that Raniere is actually in charge.”

According to Parlato, the cult is marketed as a women’s empowerment group, thus Raniere’s reliance on women to recruit other women. Then, as part of the joining process, women are brainwashed into divulging nudes or financial collateral as a way of blackmailing them to feel trapped.

Once part of the cult, women are allegedly encouraged to recruit other women into their “slave pods,” stop dating altogether, and be available 24/7 to their master. Essentially, it’s a massively organized abusive relationship. Parlato shares that he was fired after Raniere discovered him investigating the cult’s financial records, and he’s currently caught in a legal battle.

I sincerely hope all of these women get free. This is fucking terrifying.

Source : Someecards