Someone Tried To Sell Sia’s Nudes So She Posted Them Online Herself

Sia may not be a fan of showing her face when it comes to music videos and performances, but she definitely doesn’t mind revealing some tasteful nudes for the sake of justice.

The 41-year-old Chandelier singer came up with a legendary way to shut her trolls down yesterday, when it was learned that someone was attempting to sell her leaked nudes to the highest bidder online.

In this day and age, where the the lines of privacy have been somewhat blurred by the freedom and expansion of social media, celebrities have become more accessible to us ordinary citizens than they have ever been before.

Where, in the past, parts of their life off the stage remained unknown to the rest of the world, technology has now granted us the sometimes misused ability to pry into the deepest parts of their lives.

And this can sometimes be rather scary.

Whether someone is of celebrity status or not, the non-consensual leaking of nudes online is wrong. And victims in the face of such situations often find themselves faced with feelings of humiliation when their trust is betrayed, or their privacy invaded.

However, in a defiant display of bravery, Sia responded to the situation in a way that most people might deem inspiring, to say the least.

When she learned that someone was trying to sell her leaked nudes online, the Aussie songstress simply beat the culprit at their own game by uploading her nudes first – thus wrecking their plans to make profit. The photo that Sia chose to upload was one of her back, and it was posted on Twitter alongside the caption:

“Someone is apparently trying to sell naked photos of me to my fans. Save your money, here it is for free. Everyday is Christmas!”

To place some context on how big of a deal this is, during her Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, Sia explained why she chooses to cover her face during her performances or in her music videos – with an emphasis on why she values her privacy so much:

“I don’t wear this unless there’s cameras around. I only wear this just to try and maintain a modicum of privacy. I was a singer already for like 10 or 11 years, to mediocre success, and I was an alcoholic and a drug addict and I sobered up and decided I didn’t want to be an artist anymore because I was starting to get a little bit famous and it was destabilising in some way.”

And in 2013, the singer/songwriter also explained, in an article titled ‘My Anti-Fame Manifesto‘, how the bad sides of fame can often take a toll on celebrities:

“If anyone besides famous people knew what it was like to be a famous person, they would never want to be famous. Imagine the stereotypical highly opinionated, completely uninformed mother-in-law character and apply it to every teenager with a computer in the entire world.

Then add in all bored people, as well as people whose job it is to report on celebrities. Then, picture that creature, that force, criticizing you for an hour straight once a day, every day, day after day. That’s what it’s like, even the smallest bit of it.”

With this in mind, the fact that Sia chose to willingly upload her nudes online is even more profound. Despite her high value of privacy, the singer chose to break her rules in order to get a small bit of justice.

Fans of the singer immediately flocked to social media to praise her bold solution to the matter:

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Source : TheHook