Squad photo goes viral because of one disturbing detail. Keep looking.

Take 10 seconds and study the following squad photo. It’s going viral on Imgur because, as usual, some think the challenge is ridiculously easy and others just can’t figure it out. There’s something “wrong” about it, as the uploader mentions, and you should figure it out in the next ten seconds or feel bad about yourself for the rest of the day. PRESSURE IS ON.


Did you get it yet? Parse every inch of the photo looking for something bizarre. Want a hint?

Here’s your hint, the phrase: “Eyes up here.”

Look up. Keep looking up and up and up. Past the ladies…

Past the ladies, past the dudes… the strangely identical dudes… hey wait a minute…

Boom. All of the dudes have the same face. Photoshop magic.

Do you feel stupid?

The comments section of the image will make you feel stupid, as it’s full of the exact same dudes saying the exact same thing about the girl on the far left’s pose/body.

Although some of the guesses were hilariously wrong:

Their age?

That second girl isn’t wearing any glasses.

Kinda looks like the one on the far right has a giant schlong.

This image harkens back to one of the internet’s old favorites, which we’ll post here for you as a reward for all the hard work you just put into figuring out that all the dudes above have the same face.

Bikini photo goes viral because of one girl’s unique accessory. The wedgie is a red herring.

Did your well-practiced eyes figure this one out immediately? Probably not, because this one’s about ten times more difficult than the first one. This time, the girls aren’t merely a distraction.

Look down. Keep going. Further down.

The girl on the left is wearing an ankle monitor. As we wrote back in 2016, “It’s definitely a statement piece that takes the Party Girl vibe to the next level.”

Anyway, that’s enough use of your big old brain for the day. Now go watch pimple popper videos until you throw up, you beautiful internet scroller.

Source : Someecards