Things She Wants You To Do While You’re Inside Of Her

Touch her. Tease her. Please her. It’s no secret that when it comes to sex, there are a variety of levels partners can explore together. Still, most men make the act all about penetration and penetration alone. But not anymore. Listen up, fellas, because what we’re about to tell you is . From rubbing her C-spot to sucking on her nipples, there are a slew of things she wants you to do while you’re inside of her. And luckily for you, we’ve outlined 15 of them below.

Dirty talk. Tell her how good she feels, and tell her how good you feel just being inside of her. Say her name. Over and over and over again. Let her know just how much you’re enjoying the sex so that you don’t leave her guessing where your head is at. We were given tongues for taste, but also so that we could give voice to our thoughts. People love being told how much they turn you on, so don’t save those thoughts for yourself. Spread the wealth.

Compliment. On that note, also compliment her while you’re inside of her. They key thing to do here is to compliment her in the form of dirty talk. Don’t know where to start? Here: Tell her she has the best p*ssy you’ve ever f*cked. Then, tell her that she’s the best f*ck you’ve ever had. See where we’re going with this?

Multitask. In other words, don’t just penetrate. Use your hands to gently rub her clitoris, varying the rhythmic motion to her pleasure. This is especially important as most women can’t, unfortunately, climax from penetration alone. So slip your hand down below, fellas!

Kiss. Seems pretty obvious, right? Nonetheless, a lot of people don’t kiss during sex. So, lay your lips on her lips, on her neck, on her collarbone, on her breasts, and beyond. Basically, passionately kiss her anywhere that you can comfortably reach in the position you’re in.

Bite. While you’re kissing your gal, bite her lip — gently, of course. If you bite down too hard, you’ll most likely ruin the moment. But if you do it just right? Well, there’s nothing sexier. Pro tip: Don’t forget to nibble on her neck as well!

Touch. Specifically, touch her hair. If she prefers slow, sensual sex, gently stroke her locks throughout the session. If she’s on the kinkier side and likes things roughened up a bit, then play accordingly. Pull or tug on her hair while you’re sliding in and out of her as her moans get louder and louder and O.

Listen. Pay attention to what she’s telling you via her moans — or lack thereof. This is an easy way to figure out if what you’re doing is working and bringing her closer to orgasm. Not to mention, you won’t have to outright ask her, “Does this feel good?” Trust us: You’ll know exactly what she’s feeling if you simply listen to her moans.

Take over. Alternately, if you already know what she likes and dislikes because you have lots of prior experience together, you can always take over. In short, dominate her. Rather than asking her what she wants or likes, choose for her. Watching you take full control of the situation will turn her on that much more.

Sweet spots. Explore — and hone in — on her other erogenous zones. And trust us, she has many. From her nipples and her butt, to her neck, pay attention to the variety of hot spots throughout her body to really get her going. If you’re up for a challenge, do two at once. (We believe in you!)

Eyes. Look into her eyes, and keep contact. For a while. Not only will this generate a new, sensual level of intimacy between you and her, but it’ll also increase her arousal. Seriously, what’s hotter than having someone stare at you like they really, really want you?

Surprise her. Don’t just stick to missionary, boys. Every few minutes or so, switch things up — take her from missionary to doggy, and then back again. In short, try out different moves, experiencing the new sensations of them together. You never know what might come out of a little experimentation!

Toys. Kick things up a notch, and bring in some sex toys into the bedroom. Of course, it’s a must that you get her permission first. But once you have the green light, there are a slew of toys you can use, including handcuffs, vibrators, and a paddle. *Spank*

Pin her. If she’s into being submissive, take things up a level or two and pin her arms over her head so she feels completely dominated. Remember those handcuffs we told you to bring into the bedroom? This is the perfect time to use them. *Wink*

Undress her. Does she still have her top on while you’re inside of her? Take. It. Off. Use your hand(s) to gently tug her blouse, tee, or whatever up and over her head — then unsnap her bra. Let her know that you want to see all of her curves.

Undress yourself. If you’re not naked, well, what are you waiting for? Rip off your shirt while you ram her from up top or behind. Be sure to let her know that just like you want to see every inch of her body, you also want her to take in all of yours. Pro tip: Don’t be shy about it either; confidence is hot.