Twins Open Up About Sexually Experimenting With Each Other

Few people are closer than siblings, and this is especially true for twins. You grow up together, you know pretty much everything there is to know about each other… You form an incredibly unique bond. However, in some cases, relationships between twin siblings can go a bit far. In some cases, brothers or sisters can become so intimate that they become sexually intimate. In a way, it’s as though they’re having sex with themselves (what with being identical and all). Keep reading to discover twins opening up about sexually experimenting with each other.

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Experimentation. Chances are you’ve already got your mind made about your feelings regarding incest. It’s also safe to say that you’re probably very much opposed to it. However, that hasn’t stopped individuals from experimenting. While some twins bond in more traditional ways, these twins took family love to a whole other level.

Shower time. “I’m fairly certain it’s pretty common for siblings to shower together. So, yeah, when we were younger, my brother and I, my twin, we’d shower together. It was totally innocent. But as we got older, we just didn’t stop showering together, and it got to the point where we’d start experimenting with each other’s bodies. It started young and innocently, but then we started to really have fun with it.” —James, 24

Mutual masturbation. “In fact, the first time I masturbated was the first time he masturbated. We were doing it together, mostly just touching ourselves, and we were both in the bathroom together when we orgasmed for the first time. We don’t do stuff like that anymore, but we’re definitely not shy around each other.” —James, 24

Looking in a mirror. “I’m sorry, but if you could f*ck yourself, you’re telling me you wouldn’t. Me and my brother were as close as you could be growing up, and we just did everything together. It was never weird. And as we matured, it just started to get more serious.” —Andy, 21

To this day. “And yes, we still do it to this day, and no, we don’t think it’s as weird as you probably do. Honestly, it’s like I’m f*cking myself, and I know how so many people would love to do that. I just get the chance to do it. It’s not weird when you basically see yourself.” —Andy, 21

Follow the leader. “My sister was always the leader. Even though we’re obviously the same age (twins), she just always took control. So one night, when we were younger, she started showing me lesbian p*rn online and it just turned into one of those one things led to another kind of thing. It was fun. Not as gross as people probably assume. We were learning.” —Jean, 27

Late night. “We made a fort one night in our room, and we just happened to set up where we were sleeping right next to each other. I remember waking up in the middle of the night to my brother spooning me. I know he wasn’t doing it on purpose. He was still asleep. But it just turned me on and got me really hard, so I started masturbating.” —Paul, 29

Joining in. “I started touching myself pretty mildly. It was pretty casual. But then I kind of couldn’t help myself, and I was just going at, which woke him up. He didn’t say anything, he just pulled his out and joined me. We did it for each other and came, but that’s it.” —Paul, 29

Once, drunk. “I actually never experimented with my twin brother till we were older. Which I feel like is kind of the opposite of how these things work. We were just completely wrecked one night, I slept at his place, in his bed, and all of a sudden we were making out and we blew each other. The next day, it was kind of just like… OK, that happened haha.” —Jamie, 27

Gay and straight. “My brother will probably never admit that this ever happened, because he’s the straight one, and I’d obviously never call him out, but when we were in high school, we were drinking together (yes, alone in our rooms, because we had no car and our parents would never let us throw a party), and we started drunk-wrestling. This eventually led to a boner, and the boner eventually led to me sucking on it.” —AJ, 26

Caught. “I feel like this doesn’t even count as like real sexual experimentation, because we were just kind of goofing around, and it went a little further than we expected. I walked in on my brother jerking off, and I laughed at him, but didn’t leave, and he didn’t put his d*ck away. So I just sat on the bed, pulled mine out and started looking at the p*rn he was looking at.” —Chris, 25

Joining in. “We never jerked off together before, but we had matching d*cks, so it didn’t feel like I was looking at another guy’s c*ck. We jerked off, and then I grabbed his d*ck as like a joke and started stroking it, and then he did the same to me. And then we just started jerking each other off, making each other c*m. Then we were out of the mood and got weird about it, but then moved on.” —Chris, 25

69. “My sister and I have always been close. And when we were younger, we slept together. Typical sibling thing to do, twins or not. Thing is though we were like super close, and we got physical with each other since very early ages. And yes, I’m talking sexually physical.” —Christina, 31

Aggressive sex. “It definitely got aggressive most nights, but we were always careful not to let our parents know. It just happened and we never saw anything wrong with it. Obviously, we knew it wasn’t something you do, since we never told anyone, but it was our thing, and now we’re older and we’ve moved on from that. It’s really not that dramatic.” —Christina, 31

A blur. “So I technically don’t even remember this happening. But I remember being drunk AF, passed out in my bed, and I look up and my f*cking brother is deep-throating me. I sh*t you not. I think I remember c*mming, but I swear to Christ, I was gone. I’ve never brought it up, but I remember him being really weird the next day.” —Patrick, 23

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