Walmart under fire for t-shirt with shockingly violent message aimed at journalists.

After receiving a concerned message from the journalist advocacy group The Radio Television Digital News Association, Walmart has officially pulled a t-shirt bearing a shocking racist and violent message, the Star Tribune reports.

The t-shirt itself was listed on the Walmart website through the third-party seller Teespring and bore the terrifying message: “Rope. Tree. Journalist. SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.”

Once Walmart representatives received the message from RTDNA about the disturbingly violent (and deeply racist) sentiments, they pulled the t-shirt from the website.

“This item was sold by a third-party seller on our marketplace and clearly violates our policy. We removed it as soon as it was brought to our attention, and are conducting a thorough review of the seller’s assortment,” Walmart told the Star Tribune, following the debacle.

While Teespring serves as a platform that allows online users to post shirt designs, the company confirmed that they’ve taken note of the scary message and removed the shirt from their platform. This incident is also spurring the company to sweep the entire site for potentially violent designs.

“As soon as we were alerted to this content promoting violence against journalists we removed the content, added this content to our automated scanning systems, and kicked off a human sweep of the site to find and remove any similar content,” Teespring said.

Third-party seller or not, people on Twitter have been rightfully alarmed by the fact that Walmart sold this shirt in the first place.

Oversight or not, there’s no excuse for selling a t-shirt that incites this level of violence.

Source : Someecards