Watch: Anonymous hero runs through fire to rescue a rabbit. California needs him.

A clip tweeted by ABC News shows how far some people will go to help an animal in need. In the video, taken Wednesday, a man is desperately trying to save a rabbit from the wildfires near Santa Barbara County. The poor lil’ thing is a terrified of the flames, but somehow the guy manages to catch it. Whew!

The man pulled his car over just to get out and help the rabbit, according to witnesses at the scene. At first the creature scampered away, heading directly into the fire, causing the man to become visibly agitated. He risked getting burned but wouldn’t leave the rabbit behind. Luckily the rabbit changed direction and headed back towards the man, who then grabbed it (he caught a wild rabbit! With his hands!) and reportedly carried it to a place where the brush was not on fire.

The people who took the video said the man declined to be interviewed. But now the unknown man is an internet hero, and the rabbits have gotten together and decided to officially make him a saint.

Now if he could just save the rest of Southern California, that would be great.

Source : Someecards