Watch this doctor dig deep to remove a goldmine of earwax as hard as granite.

There is something so simultaneously disgusting and satisfying about watching earwax videos on YouTube. I mean, you probably don’t want to eat while watching them or anything, but if you’re into this kind of stuff, it’s pretty pleasurable. Just imagining all that nasty wax being pulled out and leaving the patient with squeaky clean, pristine ears is enough to give me a thrill (yeah, I’m a cheap date).

The video, posted by a YouTube account called Earwax Specialist, is captioned, “Without a doubt, this is the hardest and the longest ear wax removal I’ve done.” The description further states, “Young woman confessed that she has never ever cleaned her ear. Earwax blockage was indeed hard as rock and so massive.”

And massive it is! Looks hard as a rock, too, for sure (the title of the video compares the clump of earwax to a piece of granite). The doctor has to switch from a plastic to a stainless steel curette to scrape the wax out, because the plastic kept bending—it was useless against the petrified glob of earwax in this woman’s head.

Just keep watching the video—every time you think the doctor is done, he finds another small chunk of wax, until the money shot (they have that in earwax videos, right?), when he pulls out a nugget that has been sitting in there blocking the woman’s hearing basically forever. Ahhh, so good.