Watch this doctor pull 20 years worth of nasty earwax from his patient’s ears.

If you love watching Dr. Pimple Popper extracting gunk (that’s the scientific term, I think) from people’s cysts and zits, you might find yourself into watching this doctor scrape out 20 years worth of earwax build up in a patient.According to the video’s caption, the young woman came in complaining about ear pain and hearing loss. When you watch this video, it will become obvious why.Once again, just repeating this: 20 YEARS.

The doctor uses a lighted curette to scrape the wax out, and then resorts to ear suctioning. I mean, that is one hell of a lot of wax. Now her ears are so clean, she can probably hear much better, and she’s got a place to stash small items.So what do you think? Transfixing or gross? OR BOTH?

Source : Someecards