The Weeknd Broke Down And Started Crying Over Losing Selena Gomez In The Middle Of His Concert Last Night — He’s Really Upset (Video)

You knew it was about to start – the media is on the hunt to tell you all the messy details of what happened between The Weeknd and Selena Gomez. Depending on who you read, the story is different as to WHO dumped WHO and HOW each individual is coping with the breakup.

Did you ever wait to break up with someone because it seemed like a bad time? Too close to the holidays or a birthday or what have you?

We can imagine, when you’re a busy professional, there may be NO good time to break up with someone. So, if you believe what MTO thinks, it seems pretty natural that The Weeknd would be having a rough time. Click on through to see what they’re saying…

MTO reports The Weeknd broke down during his latest performance, unable to to complete a sad love song. When the way you’ve seen yourself and your life for the better part of a year comes to a screeching halt, it’s not going to be easy to maintain a happy face at work, right?

MTO shared a video (click here to hear the shakes) of The Weeknd struggling on stage. Is that what you think is really going on here? TMZ would heartily disagree…

According to TMZ, The Weeknd is relieved to be free! They report he was pretty happy being single before Gomez came along and felt pressured into getting into a relationship… they have video evidence of their own as well…

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They also admit to the simple fact that it sounds like the couple just grew apart. Have you even been in a long-distance relationship? It’s TOUGH! Click on through to see what TMZ caught The Weeknd doing with a new woman recently…

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TMZ would have you believe that, though the couple grew apart, The Weeknd was the one who ended it. That casts his support during Gomez’s recovery from surgery in a pretty different light, right?

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Apparently the couple continues to keep in touch… or at least that’s probably what they told the media to get them off their backs. But, you know how it is when you grow apart… you call less and less often until you don’t have to call anymore!

TMZ thinks The Weeknd is in no way pouting and crying about this breakup. They somehow caught him out and about with another lady rejoining the single scene.

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We can gawk and scoff at this choice, but, really, this is also a pretty normal reaction to a breakup of a long term relationship, right? If he was really feeling constrained in his relationship, it makes sense that he would go out and have a little fun.

And yet, don’t you suppose both of these perspectives could still be true? If you are a fast rebounder, did it still hurt to breakup with your long-term ex? Was it still sad even though, at the same time, you felt freed?

It’s just SAD when things don’t work out – who doesn’t want to see more happy people in love? What do you think – does the truth live somewhere in between, or, do you see their characters more specifically?

People wanted to say it was Bieber who walked back into Gomez’s life and disrupted her long weekend romance, but, every source connected to the couple says this is not the case. The relationship was already over before these ex-flames reconnected.

To see the hoochie-coochie The Weeknd got into recently, watch the video above. What do you think really happened here? Good luck to them both moving on to other experiences!