A Woman Makes A Shrine Of Her Used Condom Collection

We all take something with us from the experience after having sex. Sometimes it’s a memory or a warm and fuzzy sensation. But generally speaking, the condom gets flushed down the toilet, never to be seen again. This flimsy rubber sleeve has done its job, and we really don’t need to keep it around. Or so you thought. A Norwegian girl has found an unlikely sense of solace in used condoms. After collecting them from lovers, friends and even strangers, her condom collection has grown to an impressive size. Here’s how this gallery of rubbers came about.

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Tonje, a 27-year-old Swedish girl, started collecting condoms in 2010. After her then-boyfriend came home with a deluxe pack of them and she developed a penchant for the smell of rubbers. Tonje asked to keep the condom they had used — a request that eventually ended their relationship and sparked her collection.

Her collection is still growing. Tonje began soliciting condoms from her friends at parties, earning her the nickname “Condom-Tonje.” Her current collection numbers 1,921 rubbers, all of which line her bedroom walls like a museum. Tonje hopes to pass the 10,000 mark one day.

It’s not a cheap pastime. She’s shelled out as much as $77 per condom, and she’ll offer an extra $15 if the sender includes a photograph. Sometimes she receives up to 20 condoms by mail. The rest of her collection comes from friends and her own sexual encounters. Her father has even asked his friends to donate their used condoms to the cause.

Used condoms are a hot commodity. Used condom fetishism exists the world over. Sites like Condom Swappers allow people to exchange their used rubbers in the mail. Whether or not they’re displaying their findings like Tonje is another matter.

Smells can be sexy. Sexual arousal from a smell is a well-documented fetish. It’s called Olfactophilia, and it applies to just about any smell from the most rancid to the most pleasant.

It can be dangerous. Some believe that STI’s die after being left out in the open for a while, but studies have shown that harmful bacteria can linger for a long time in a used condom. So be careful, unless of course you’re just hanging them up on the wall.

Condom memorabilia is real. Former ballet dancer and author Toni Bentley included her own tales of condom preservation in her book, “The Surrender”. Bentley organized condoms used for anal sex in a treasure chest. Better to keep that closed.

It may be a sign of female dominance. Three Zimbabwean women were recently accused of sexually assaulting male hitchhikers. After police investigated their vehicle, they found 31 used condoms inside.

There’s a black market for stolen sperm. A 19-year old prostitute, also in Zimbabwe, revealed that she’s turning profits on the sperm she steals from her clients. She deals the stuff to truck drivers bound for South Africa, where semen is used for enlargement herbs and aphrodisiacs.

Condoms may cause depression. According to a study done by Gordon Gallup, an evolutionary psychologist, insemination has a strong psychological effect on the recipient. Women having protected sex showed higher chances of depression consistent with their condom use.

Un-used condom fetish exists too. Condoms have a reputation as buzzkills — annoying sheaths that dull the pleasure of intercourse. But some have the opposite reaction. Sex blogger Venus O’Hara claims to have a true fetish for the colored latex of condoms. Other men claim to love masturbating with a condom on, also known as a “posh wank”.

There’s a Guinness World Record for condom collecting. An Italian man named Amatore Bolzoni harbors the widest collection in the world. These specimens number in the 2,000’s and date back as far as the 19th century.

Condoms can come back to bite you. A Long Island Man was shocked to find that his girlfriend had preserved his semen from used condoms she had stashed. She eventually used it to inseminate herself, later bearing twins he knew couldn’t have been accidents.

They can turn into a powerful fashion piece. Some people like to wear their heart on their sleeve. Others wear their sexual history like a skirt, just like this Twitter user.

Condom collectors are people too. As Tonje explains, everyone has their own hobbies and interests. Hers just happens to be used prophylactics.

Source : RebelCircus