Woman who posts naked selfies to normalize nudity is VERY popular on Instagram for some reason.

One woman is doing God’s work by traveling around the world while naked. Sterre, a 21-year-old Australian, has created the Instagram account @a.naked.girl with the hopes of helping to destigmatize nudity.

Her collection of 53 photos has over 83,000 followers, all of whom are interested in nudity and/or travel. She’s shared photos of her bare backside on the beach, in the woods, submerged in bodies of water, and with writing on it.

“Being naked still makes other people uncomfortable,” she told the Daily Mail. “It is really a shame that not everyone can see the pleasure of being naked in a non-sexual way.

“Commenters do seem to relate to her vision. Her thousands of Instagram comments range from the gross, catcall variety to fans who applaud her for taking it all off in public. After all, it’s hard to have something against being naked on the beach.

The nudity movement seems to be gaining ground in Australia.

It is! Everyone should! #nobodyshaming #nothingmorenatural #dontwait

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Combined with the popular initiatives towards body positivity and self love, maybe it does make a certain kind of sense for everyone to strip it off. Sterre’s advice for going buck? “First your space, take a little step, and just dare! It feels so good to have nothing but a smile on.”