5 Best Ways To Remove Your PRIVATE Hair

Hair on or near the private parts can be a nuisance, especially if you are an active person, or someone who requires them to be clear, at all times. An example of the latter could be an actor or a model, or someone in the different areas of the entertainment industry. You could also just plain hate hair in those places, which is all the more reason to get rid of it. Following are some ways how to.

It Is NOT Attractive

No matter what the au natural movement says, pubic hair is never attractive, and you certainly do not have to have it all over the place to be considered natural, not when it is just plain unappealing and takes away from natural beauty.

It Can Be Inconvenient

If you have ever grown out your hair down there, you will know of the pain that follows when you accidentally pull one, or several. The chances of this happening are multiplied when you have long and free-flowing hair there.

It Is Natural But Unfortunately, Unsightly

Yes, pubic hair is natural, but that does not mean that it looks good all the time. This is especially true if you have bought the perfect bikini for spring break, and voila, you have a big bush staring from underneath…

It Can be Fixed

The situation can be taken care of, and you can have a nice, smooth area down there, just in time for beach season, or modeling season, or even intimate season; whatever you are looking forward to. Go for these hair removal techniques.

Electric Shaving Tools

Who says advanced shaving tools and electric shavers are just for men! Today, there are myriad options which you can choose from, in the way of electric shavers, all of which are easily available everywhere. And they don’t cost that much.

Sensitive Razors

Razors for women are not the same as razors for men. Women require more nurturing care, as they have softer skin as compared to men. This is why women’s razors are more protective, and a very affordable option for shaving.

Bikini Wax

The bikini wax, or the Brazilian wax, is the most efficient way of removing hair down to the roots. It is also a very painful method, especially for the uninitiated. If you want full smoothness though, waxing is the best option.


Tweezers can be a very handy tol to carry around, especially if you tend to have hair that hides away when you are cleaning away, and pop up when it shouldn’t. Pulling the hair out is another great removal solution. Watch Out Though, Tweezing is for Stray Hair Only

Don’t try to pull out all your hair by way of pulling out with tweezers. Not only will it take a lot longer, but pulling individually can cause a lot of pain and even bloodletting. Use this method for stray hair only.

Epilators resemble torture devices, but they are effective without a doubt! However, when used down there, there is a chance of the pulling action proving a bit too painful. If you are used to waxing though, Epilators are good for you.

Surgical Hair Removal

Alright, so this one is a bit drastic, and should only be resorted to if you have hair that either grows too fast for you to maintain, or you have obligations which demand smooth nether regions. Surgical hair removal is expensive though.< Find Out Which Method Works for You

Not all hair removal methods will be ideal for your skin type. For example, shaving can be dangerous if your skin is easily irritated or if you have a metal allergy. This is why you need to find out what works best for you.

Consult an Aesthetician

An aesthetician will know exactly the right treatment for your skin type, and will guide you best in case you have any skin conditions to get around, while removing hair from private areas. Remember, they are licensed medical professionals who know best!< Consult an Esthetician
An esthetician can guide you better if you do not want to fuss over the process too much. They are especially better if you are visiting a spa or massage parlor that also offers hair removal, thus making for a more relaxing a procedure.

Stay Beautiful Down There!

No matter which path you choose, make sure that all the paths lead to you looking your best, and smoothest. Not only will it benefit your personal life profoundly, but it will look very attractive as well.