Hiptoro started as a viral content website founded in 2017. We bring you the crazy, curious, and comical side of the web. Sometimes it seems like everywhere you look, everything is awful. On those days, we all need a little reminder that the world isn’t horrible, people are generally good, and adorable fuzzy animals exist. Our content aims to bring some serious sunshine into the lives of our readers & followers.

In today’s modern-day age, where the pressure to perform is mounting, stress has become part and parcel of life. Sometimes the best way to de-stress might be a good laugh. Sometimes, it lies in heartwarming stories – things that restore your faith in humanity. You can find all of that at Hiptoro.

We’ve delivered over 2 billion video views on Facebook to date. In 2017, Hiptoro was ranked among the top 900 websites in the world in just seven months of its inception, receiving over 150 million page views in such a short span. We’re also enrolled as a news publisher at Google & Apple.

We’ve been a media publisher at Facebook since 2014. We own Facebook pages in various niches with over 6 million followers and reach over 20 million people weekly in the United States.

Hiptoro also provides R&D services relating to digital marketing and e-commerce management to its clients abroad and is responsible for managing multiple high-volume e-commerce ventures around the globe.


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