Chemical Castration For Sex Offenders Could Soon Become A Reality If New Bill Passes

California, Georgia, Florida, and Oregon are just some of the states where sex offenders are allowed to be chemically castrated. Pretty soon, Oklahoma could be added to that list. A Republican lawmaker is currently working to pass a bill that would require men convicted of violent sex crimes to take a drug that lowers their libido. The controversial bill is causing quite a stir and has even been dubbed “unconstitutional.”

Bill. A Republican Rep. named Rick West has recently introduced a bill in Oklahoma that would allow for the option of chemically castrating violent sex offenders. Although it’s controversial, West is determined to fight for it.

Campaigning. According to ABC News, West says he got the idea for the bill while he was out campaigning. “When I knocked on that guy’s door when I was campaigning, he said: ‘I’ll vote for you if you’ll run this bill,’” West told ABC News.

Requirements. The bill would require sex offenders to start taking drugs that would lower their testosterone and libido as a condition to be released from prison. So far, the law has been passed in several other states, with California being the first to have passed it.

Treatment. Despite that fact that it’s legal to do this in several states, only a handful of sex offenders have actually been required to receive this treatment. A similar bill was introduced in Oklahoma years ago but was vetoed by the governor at the time.

Cruel. “It’s hard to imagine this couldn’t be considered cruel or unusual. I don’t want to place too much faith in the Oklahoma Legislature to avoid blatantly unconstitutional proposals, but we’re hopeful this bill, as written, is just too extreme to move,” said Allie Shinn, a spokeswoman for Oklahoma’s American Civil Liberties Union chapter, reports ABC News.

No evidence. There is no solid evidence that chemical castration works, and according to reports, only really works for sex offenders who truly want to make a change. Wets however, maintains that it would be beneficial in preventing sex crimes, particularly those against kids.

Castration. “Chemical castration is half advertising slogan, half fantasy. There are chemicals which are supposed to, if dosages are maintained, reduce sex drives. That isn’t castration,” said Frank Zimring, a sex crime expert, as reported by ABC News.

Help. Chemical cassation has been around for several decades, and isn’t always used on sex offenders. In fact, people with sex addictions or who are afraid of acting on problematic thoughts they’ve been having turn to chemical castration as a way to get help.

Drug. A Massachusetts psychiatric named Dr. Renee Sorrentino is one of the few psychiatrists who treats patients with Lupron, the drug that help curb sexual thoughts. The Cut spoke to one of Sorrentino’s patients, a 62-year-old patient who takes the drug.

Addiction. According to The Cut, the patient had an issue with seeing prostitutes behind his wife’s back. After she found out, the couple decided to work on their marriage, which involved the husband getting help.

Therapy. “My wife caught me. I was surprised that she didn’t just throw me out. She said she was married and she wanted to repair it. But I had to get therapy,” the man told The Cut.

Erection. After trying out several forms of therapy, the man heard about chemical castration and decided to try it. Since beginning the treatment, the man says he hasn’t been able to get an erection in over a year— something he’s happy about.

Thoughts. “Before I went on Lupron I was thinking about having sex with a prostitute over 30 times a day. After six months I would only have the thoughts a few times a day,” said the unnamed man, as reported by The Cut.

Worth it. Shockingly, the man admits he doesn’t miss sex, and maintains getting the treatment was worth it to save his marriage. Although he still thinks sexual thoughts, he doesn’t act on them.

Void. “She has filled the sexual void with other things. She owns her own business, she frequently travels. Friday night is still date night for us. Whether we go to dinner, shopping, bowling, or to a movie, it’s a night that we have guarded against using for other things. I think that’s helped,” says the man, as reported by The Cut.

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