Conspiracy Theorists Say Avril Lavigne Was Killed And Replaced By An Actress

Rumors spring up every now and then that Tupac was never killed back in September of ’96. People say he’s somewhere, kicking back laughing, watching the world from afar. But what about Avril Lavigne? Some are saying she passed away in 2003. But then who is that performing as Avril? Here’s why some conspiracy theorists say Avril Lavigne was killed and replaced by an actress.
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Where did this theory originate? Snopes attributes the original theory to Portuguese-language blog, “Avril Esta Morta” (Avril is Dead) three years ago in 2012.

So what happened to Avril, exactly? The theory states that Avril hanged herself before the second album, according to Snopes, and was subsequently replaced with a doppelgänger actress. This actress apparently left a slew of clues in the lyrics, covers of albums, and elsewhere hinting to Avril’s death.

Why would Avril Lavigne commit suicide? The original article on Avril Esta Morta states that Avril killed herself after she returned home and found that her parents had left her. Lyrics to the popular Lavigne hit, “Nobody’s Home,” are allegedly said to corroborate this theory. “She wants to go home, but nobody’s home. It’s where she lies, broken inside. With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes. Broken inside… She’s fallen from grace. She’s all over the place.”

What the hell was that track “Hello Kitty?” Ryan Bassil, a staff writer for Vice, wrote the following: “The Avril Lavigne behind the abhorrent slumber-party hit ‘Hello Kitty’ is not the same Avril Lavigne behind ‘SK8R Boi,’ ‘Complicated.’ And why is that? Because she was dead!”

The plot thickens. Ryan Bassil offers a number of triggers for what could have set Avril Lavigne over the edge. Around the time Lavigne began work on “Let Go,” her grandfather passed. Bassil hypothesizes that Lavigne spiraled into a “deep and dark depression.”

She wants to go home. This, combined with the immense pressure on the heels of her previous record’s release and success, was too much for Lavigne. Allegedly. “She would later be found dead at her home and her family, record label, and anyone else in the know kept quiet,” says Bassil.

Enter body double. Avril did at one point during her career hire a body double to throw off the paparazzi who were relentless in their pursuit of her. The body double is named Melissa Vandella. She has been described by the NY Daily News as “almost identical” to Lavigne.

Skin blemishes. Fan points to the disappearance of certain, apparently, distinguishable skin blemishes on Lavigne’s face and arms. They cited the absence of certain blemishes provided enough evidence to discredit this ~new~ Avril Lavigne.

The interview on live TV. Lavigne addressed the rumors about her death in a live television interview, that you, suspiciously, cannot find anywhere online. Hmmm….

Avril speaks about the power of rumors. “People can start a rumor,” she said. “Someone starts a rumor on a website and then everyone picks it up. And it’s totally not true. It’s absolutely crazy.”

The pregnancy rumor. Avril briefly played along with the rumor that she was pregnant a few years back while dating Deryck Whibley. Deryck Whibley was the guitarist, lead vocalist, and songwriter for the band Sum 41. You remember that song “Fatlip?” Yeah, that was him.

Debunking the pregnancy. When addressing the rumor, Avril said, “I think doing this today is like showing people how crazy and out of control it is… I never said it once. It’s kind of crazy how quickly you can start a rumor. So next time you open up a tabloid, you might not know if it’s real or pop fiction.”

Coming clean. The author of the Portuguese blog Avril Esta Morta came forward and admitted the entire theory was a rumor he created, as some sort of social commentary.

His statement. “Avril is not dead…,” he began. “The blog was a way to show how conspiracy theories can seem real. Many people believe everything they see on the Internet, but is it right? There are many conspiracy theories about many things, but some seem no more convincing than theories that are not real. Avril Lavigne never died and was replaced by a lookalike, I created this theory to see if people would believe it, and thousands of people believed it was a fact… this was an exercise to teach people to become more skeptical and not believe everything you see!”

The rumor continues. Though the rumor has been debunked by its originator, scores of fans cannot accept the truth. We’ll just have to wait and see how this story develops. Maybe the “real” Avril Lavigne and Tupac are drinking cocktails on some deserted island in the Bermuda Triangle for all we know.

Source : RebelCircus