“Human Ken Doll” Claims He Needs Two Bodyguards After His “Attack”

Rodrigo Alves, who is known as the Human Ken Doll due to his many plastic surgeries, is claiming that he needs to have two bodyguards with him at all times after a frightening attack that left him with broken veneers. Alves, who is supposedly 33 (but kind of looks 133 to be honest) believes that his drink was spiked, and then he was forced, against his will, to pick up the bar tab for a group of hookers. The broken veneers? The result of grinding his teeth during a nightmare that was induced by his drink being spiked.

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Rodrigo Alves. The self-proclaimed plastic surgery addict has had over 50 surgical procedures to achieve his “look.” He supports himself mostly by exploiting his own plastic surgery debacles in the media and on Instagram. Alves calls himself a public figure with a very exotic look.

Before the surgeries. Alves looked considerably more like a human before going under the knife. He has since specifically sought out a “feline” look.

Breathing problems. Alves can no longer breathe properly after 10 rhinoplasty procedures and a collapsed septum. That’s not stopping him from traveling around the world to see specialists who will continue to work on his very compromised face.

A more likely explanation. It’s a little more likely that Alves simply broke his veneers and saw an opportunity for a little PR. And as for having two bodyguards with him at all times, we’re guessing they are going to be stunningly hot men who are more of a paid entourage than hired security.

Fearing for his safety. Alves claims that he now fears for his safety. He already had to unfairly pay a bar tab, so he says.

Big Brother. Alves is reportedly in talks to be on Big Brother. It’s not exactly clear how he became famous in the first place.

Every cosmetic procedure imaginable. Alves has undergone pretty much every cosmetic surgery imaginable. He even had his eyeballs operated on by plastic surgeons in India.

Warned by doctors. Alves has been warned by doctors that his nose could fall off if he keeps having surgery. Literally, his nose could fall off.

Frightened. We’re guessing this is Alves’ frightened face, or is close as he can come to making his facial expression look scared. His facial muscles are somewhat frozen at this point.

$670,000. Alves claims he has paid plastic surgeons over $670,000 to achieve his look. That is a lot of money to look so…exotic.

Plastic surgery addiction. Plastic surgery is fine, but Alves truly is an addict. He’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Elective surgery. Whenever a person undergoes elective surgery, they are assuming a certain degree of risk. For Alves, that risk is elevated.

If he really was attacked. If Alves really was drugged, that’s unfortunate and not something to make fun of. Though it really seems unlikely that a group of rogue hookers would drug Alves simply to get him to pick up the tab.

Bringing the drama. We understand his desire to stay in the limelight. Rodrigo, we salute you.

Ken Doll? So, what do you think? Does Rodrigo Alves look like a Ken Doll? Or does he look like a melted crayon?

Source : RebelCircus