Murderous Pedophile Sentenced to Be Chopped Up into Pieces and Dissolved in Acid

If you look at pictures of Javed Iqbal, he doesn’t look like a monster. You’ll see a normal-looking middle-aged man wearing glasses and a winter sweater. However, Javed Iqbal was a predator who hunted, raped and tortured children. He was so monstrous, in fact, that he was sentenced to be chopped up into pieces and dissolved in acid in front of the families of his victims.

Javed Iqbal. Javed Iqbal was a Pakistani man who admitted to killing over 100 boys in an 18-month period. He raped and tortured them, sadistically. He preyed on the poor and the vulnerable.

100 mothers. Upon confessing to his grotesque crimes, Iqbal stated that he had no shame, nor did he have any regrets. He stated that he wanted 100 mothers to cry. He was at peace with himself, and he was ready to die.

Mukri. Iqbal was also known as “Mukri” by those who knew him. He opened a game shop; the perfect business for a pedophile interested in finding young boys. He would throw money on the floor, wait for a boy to pick it up, and then “search” him in the back room, raping the victim. He would sometimes let the victim keep the money as a “gesture of goodwill.”

The victims he didn’t let go. Of course, Iqbal stopped letting his victims go. He would rape them and then manually strangle them. Once they were dead, he would dismember them and dissolve their remains in acid.

The grisly evidence. In addition to Iqbal’s confession, there was an abundance of damning evidence found at his home. Reportedly, there were bloodstains all over the floor and the walls. Photos of Iqbal’s victims were found in plastic bags. A chain used to strangle his victims was also located, along with hydrochloric acid.

Vats of hydrochloric acid. Iqbal would dissolve his victims’ remains in large vats of hydrochloric acid. If there were any remains left over that he could not dissolve, he would dump them in a nearby river. This reportedly went on for a period of 18 months.

How did he get away with it for so long? Iqbal was arrested multiple times for raping young boys before he was charged with murder. Iqbal came from a very wealthy family. It is believed that he was able to bribe and buy his way out of trouble for a long time.

A massive estate. Both of Iqbal’s parents died, and he inherited a massive estate. He was able to afford multiple homes and opened several businesses. The businesses, such as the game shop, were specifically opened with the intention of ensnaring victims.

Accomplices. Iqbal paid at least three accomplices to help him kidnap victims. Three teenage boys lived with Iqbal and were paid to bring home victims for Irbal to rape and kill. Iqbal is believed to have had additional accomplices during his crime spree.

A parent’s worst nightmare. The parents of missing children, horrified to find out about Iqbal’s crimes, had only one way of finding out if Iqbal had killed one of their children. They had to come to his house and search through piles of the victims’ clothing. They were also allowed to look through the photos Iqbal took of his victims. This was how parents found out if their sons had been killed or not.

Turned himself in. Iqbal turned himself in at a newspaper office. He was severely beaten and had to be hospitalized for several weeks prior to his trial. He eventually wound up withdrawing his confession, and his trial went forward.

Parents of the victims. The judge convicted Iqbal of 98 charges of death and dismemberment. Iqbal was handed down a similar fate to his victims. He was ordered to be dismembered, chopped into small pieces and dissolved in acid in front of his victims’ families.

No justice. The sentence would never be carried out. Iqbal would take his own life by hanging himself in his prison cell. His teenage accomplices were sentenced in separate trials.

Prior to withdrawing. Prior to withdrawing his confession, Iqbal stated that he was getting revenge for his mother’s death. That was his only motivation for hunting, raping and killing children. He later claimed he was innocent, withdrawing the confession he signed.

The worst. Iqbal remains the worst serial killer in Pakistan’s history. He is a little-known monster. His crimes were frightening and unbelievable.

Source : RebelCircus