Since their inception, social media and texting have been widely used as means of communication. This makes communicating with anybody, anywhere—including your parents, friends, Doordash drivers, and pet groomers—extremely simple.

It goes without saying that we adore how convenient text messages and other forms of communication are, but one of the benefits of using them is the chance to review the exchange. This implies that we can notice and disseminate some of the amusing, strange, unusual, frightful, or shocking signals that people regularly get.

We practically have the predisposition to like learning the details of other people’s talks, and we are here to provide you with that fix right now. We decided it would be fun to assemble a list of 10 humorous texts, tweets, direct messages, or other types of messages that occasionally got viral.

Because they were obviously funny enough to become viral at the time they did, these messages will definitely make you chuckle and maybe even make you share them with your bestie. Anyway, we’re pleased to share with you today an article with 12 trending messages that you can’t help but chuckle at.

1. This typo could’ve been the worst ever, but the groomer made up for it.


2. I’m not sure what the goal is here, but I don’t think I’m a fan.


3. This blunt reply is hilarious. We love the honesty.


4. Now I think everyone knows that these artists are most definitely not punk rock.. but okay.


5. This sign didn’t go where I thought it was going and now I’m afraid.


6. He was pressed to find out what she meant by “it’s giving”


7. This is such a cute response from the mom though and such a wholesome funny meme.


8. I don’t know, it sounds like a guilty conscience to me, but I’ll still take a job.


9. This is the ultimate sign, but it worries me if it’s real because that means someone paid for this sign. They must have really needed it.


10. This honestly is probably the best one so far. This is just too funny and she genuinely had no idea so she was prepared.

We definitely needed these trending tweets, memes, and messages today to get our morning off to a good start. You can’t help but giggle at typos, odd messages, and amusing discussions between people, after all.