Unlike other platforms, Facebook users are incredibly diverse and distinct from one another, owing to the fact that billions of people use it every day and it is the most popular social networking website of all time. Because of this, all kinds of individuals go there, and you’ll always come across the most unexpected and strange posts in your feed, but that’s part of the appeal of Facebook, spending time with people you’d never hang out with in real life.


1. Well at least it’s hilarious

2. How nice of them

3. And your virginity, forever

4. Who lives in a yellow watermelon under the sea ?

5. Obviously the guy, look how worried the dog looks

6. What about 22 Pilots, 23 Pilots, 24 Pilots etc…

7. This kid is going places

8. He saw the opportunity and he took it !

9. You know nothing Steven

10. I’m feeling so emotional after reading this

11. Shoulders are actually very dangerous

12. What a wise man

13. And running out of hope

14. Well this got weird

15. Suuuure, a rainbow 😉

16. This is brilliant !