Racism is one of the most urgent and challenging societal challenges we face today, not just in America but also globally. People need to have this topic even if it can be challenging to do so.

The topic has gained attention due to the growth of the Black Lives Matter movement and rising racial tensions in the United States. However, what can be done to combat racism?

Racism is a reality in every community; therefore, individuals need to start by accepting that truth. Although acknowledging racism may seem like an easy thing, it’s a vital first step. Too frequently, people attempt to downplay or conceal racism, yet doing so only exacerbates the issue.

Another strategy is to get knowledgeable about racism and fight it. Racism has many facets, and it can be challenging to comprehend them all. By educating yourself, you can better understand what racism is and how it impacts people’s lives.

Reddit user Cursed_Salad97 posed the question, “Former racist people of Reddit, what changed your opinion?” in an effort to provide you with additional examples of how some people were able to overcome their racist beliefs and attitudes toward others. You can scroll down to learn more about the various perspectives on races and how to overcome this difficulty from the various people who shared their stories and experiences in this life-changing adventure.


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#1 Changed by acts of kindness from other races.

#2 Explore the world and see how diverse humanity is.

#3 Because of a commercial.

#4 Try to just love and travel.

#5 If people didn’t drill this kind of mindset into children’s minds.

#6 Brother punched racism out of his mind.

#7 Beef between Hindus and Muslims.

#8 Every races are the same. Some are rude and lazy but some are nice.

#9 Learned about the Holocaust and became curious about other cultures and races.

#10 Met people who are different from the community who is conservative and has no diversity.

#11 Realized people don’t deserve to be treated unfairly because of skin color.

#12 Teacher couldn’t believe that a reliable internet access wasn’t available in a white person’s home.

#13 Living in two different worlds.

#14 Used to be scared of other races, but the Pokémon movie changed this perspective.

#15 Meeting people who are members of the LGBTQ+ Community.

#16 Transformed a racist heart by doing good things regardless of their treatment.

#17 An Asian reunited with his black best friend.


#18 Working on being mentally healthy and confronting the misdirected fear and anger.

#19 Just got older and continued being friends with other races.

#20 Financial struggles will change your views about races.

People still have time to admit to acting in a racist manner toward others and push for change. This article demonstrates the significant impact that occurs when people come to understand and accept for themselves that, despite differences in appearance, other people are still fully human.