It’s now exciting to sell or give anything away for free on online marketplaces. It used to be much simpler. People no longer need to purchase newspapers, browse classified advertising, or make phone calls… No, everything involves work.

This is the perfect place for slothful individuals who can spend the entire day sending out countless questions or requests for price reductions without giving a damn about other people’s time or money.

They believe that it is worth a shot and might succeed.

And that’s okay; they were only trying, after all. But when things don’t go their way, and they can’t get the outrageous price they had envisioned, we can blame them for being utter jerks.

1. Looking for a puppy.

2. Fix it first

3. I do not take crap.

4. He explained.

5. I am inside.

6. Delivery included in the price.

7. Anything. Text only.

8. It is free. Come ant pick it up.

9. PS4.

10. Knock half off.

11. “I am tired of living like this”

12. Crazy Lady.

13. That is a fortune.

14. Real wood.

15. My baby.

16. Free play-place.

17. “Thanks for wasting my time”

18. No tall people

19. Lemon Law.

20. First class.

21. Time and gas.