Recently a cyber attack has daamged some of the major pipelines in America. Since the issue was serious, US President Joe Biden urged people not to top up their tanks. “We are asking people not to hoard,” U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm told reporters at the White House. “Things will be back to normal soon.”

Can you guess what the innocent people of the U.S.A. have done? Yes, they have done the exact opposite of what was being told to them. How smart. Uhh! 

Gas Shortage

Gas Shortage? Christianburg Sign War To The Rescue

Do Not Be This Person

The Bag Is On The Pump Because Its Out Of Service. She Isn’t Getting Anything

Better Pick Up A Couple Extra Bags

Events Can Cause A Slow Down, People Cause A Shortage

This What Y’all Doing Now, Out Here Hoarding Resources

The Stupidity Has Begun

Big Plastic Bins

They Fill Up Jacuzzi-Sized Containers With Gas

Gas Shortage

It’s Been Truly Chaotic

Methodically Make The Shortage Even Shorter

Another Idiot Filling Up…

Gas Shortage

Every Single Canister

Gas Shortage

We’ve Received Calls Into The Weartv Newsroom About This Gas Station In Escambia County Selling Regular Gas For $4.29/Gallon

Within a minute of our news car showing up, it was dropped to $3.29

People Stockpiling Gasoline And Creating An Unnecessary Shortage

Idiot In Va. Stopped At The Light And Smelled Gas To My Left. Put My Windows Up Quick.

There Have Been Lines At One In The Morning

Demand Has Caused Prices To Skyrocket

Pumps Have Been Closed

Towing Giant Barrels Of Gas Behind Their Truck

Gas Shortage

Filling A 100 Gallon Tank During A Gas Shortage

Gas Shortage

People Are Hoarding So Much Gas They Can’t Fit It In Their Tiny Car

Viewing Gas Shortages As An Opportunity To Sell Gas For $16/Gallon (Nc).

Filling Up Every Gas Canister They Have In Their Garage