If you’re 30 or older, raise your hands in the air. Awesome Millennial! We still find it odd that we are all grown up and… Oh, my goodness!

In our thoughts, we’re still in high school, as seen by our eating habits. However, as time passes, you begin to act more maturely, such as submitting your taxes. Raising children, considering your work, being concerned about the state of the economy, and so forth.

You drew back when you stood up too hastily and realized how out of shape you were. There is definitely a lot of anxiety here!

The “Thirty AF” Instagram page provides some of the funniest and most relatable adult events, with a heavy dose of ’90s nostalgia. Being in their thirties, according to the “Thirty AF” group, is something they absolutely enjoy.

Some people focus on their health and fitness once they reach their thirties. Others prioritize their mental health, seek fulfillment and balance, and express themselves authentically.

You observe that as you get older, you apologize less, act more in accordance with your wishes and preferences, and feel much more confident in your decisions. So take a drink, keep scrolling, and prepare to laugh.

1. Any feelings of depression or anxiety

2. Livin on a prayer

3. The questions never stop

4. You’re good… Lol

5. They are describing depression

6. A nice date idea

7. The millennial version of 2.5 kids

8. Going to a funeral due to boredom

9. Do you want to be like Sugar?

10. Falling apart

11. Good morning to my neighbor

12. Highly recommended for Millennials

13. Vacations are not for relaxing

14. The development of optometry

15. From a mom who is a prosecutor

16. The neck’s main job

17. It’s a damn circle

18. Life goals

19. Marine Biologist being the ultimate career

20. Those days…

21. I drank water too hard

22. Being excited about buying a trash can

23. Why don’t you just sleep over?

24. The median annual pay

25. This world is full of monsters

26. When you’re both touched and depressed

27. Sad truth

28. I got a lot of respect for her too

29. Singing loudly with your ringtone

30. Dress me like a bat

Everything changes as you reach the age of thirty. You feel better at ease when you recognize you have little control over how other people perceive you.

Please share your thoughts on what you like and dislike about being an adult in the comments area.