Suppose you’re single and don’t have any children in quarantine. In that case, you’re either cripplingly lonely or enjoying the absolute ideal of working from home in your sweatpants (no interruptions) and watching whatever the heck you want on Netflix.

You’re also eating when you want, working out when you want – if you want – and basically living a wonderful life without having to amuse OR TEACH small human beings you created. If you’re a parent, you understand the difficulty. Spending time with your children is wonderful, but when you can’t go somewhere or take them to the park to burn off all that excess energy, it may be difficult… and don’t even get me started on homeschooling! Yikes!!!

Here are 30 of April’s most relatable parenting tweets – read on if you want to laugh a lot!


Lies… all lies.

Never ever… ever!

I’m on a call…

Mind your dang business.

Studied hard, I bet!

We tried…

Got it in one!

This is so REAL!

Time is flying by!

Sign me up for classes

…. Yes. All of them.

Sounds familiar, right?

Annnnnd i’m back!

Would love to vacay in syrup.


I’m fine with it. Ask away!


I’d love to see mine do this with me…. I’m 29

Just for a moment

Chess, not checkers.

Ruined it.

Accuracy on another level

Yeah we can.


Send her to my house next.

Ahhh pass.

He’s taking it all in his stride.

Both reasons. Both.

It is what it is…