From lawyer jokes to IRS agents, certain jobs just get all the wrath and blame. Generally, one does not deal with a lawyer or an IRS agent on a good day, so some of the feelings make sense. Yet, one online user decided to question people in many despised industries if their profession warranted all of the abuse it usually receives during Job Interviews.

Many employees and experts responded with their own instances of why certain jobs get a lot of defamation but are still very crucial in making the globe go ’round. Some explained why their job was not as horrible as others made it out to be. Scroll down and upvote the suggestions you agree with, and be sure to leave a comment if you believe any professions should have been added.


Working at McDonald’s/fast food. People always say c**p like “you better work/study hard or you’ll end up working at McDonald’s”. Work is work, and I honestly have far more respect for fast food workers than the CEO of pretty much any major corporation.



I was a cleaner. People used to treat me like furniture and assumed all kinds of things about me. That was the best-paying job I ever held, with the best benefits, and most vacation! I went back to school for a more “dignified” career, and my “dignified” job sitting at a desk ended up being worse in every way.


Janitors. Give them respect, people, unless you want to empty your own trash and clean your own work or school space.

(Seriously, being nice to the janitor saved my tail one time when I was locked out of a room that contained some vital work material. The big boss didn’t have keys to that room, but guess who did?)


Social workers. We are underfunded, understaffed civil servants attempting to help populations of individuals with multiple overlapping problems (poor, mentally ill, criminal records, substance use issues), get their lives back on track. The people others walk by on the sidewalk or avoid eye contact with on the subway; we seek them out, try to help them, and usually no one is happy with what we have to offer. Also red tape….lots of government red tape.


Plastic surgery, they don’t just do cosmetics, they do some live saving procedures for people in accidents, car wrecks, etc.



Veterinary medicine. 110%. Extremely low wages, very high suicide rates, everyone thinks we are in it for the money, or don’t know what we’re doing. The burnout and turnover is truly unlike any other profession.



Nursing…. Especially now.

Sweet jesus so many staff are burnt out, understaffed, its just horrendous. its even a giant s**t show at uni learning nursing.


Plumbers. People always assume they’re gross greasy old dudes but really they’re extremely skilled professionals.



Garbage disposal workers.

I’ve heard many times from many people that if you don’t go to college, that’s the type of job you get. But my dad f*****g loved that job more than building fridges for amana. Not only was he paid more, but if he found something cool there, he got to take it home with him. My mom eventually had to tell him to stop bringing things home though, because it was a lot hahaha.

#10 Job Interviews

Child care workers. We work our [butts] off all day long, receive horrible pay, work horrible hours, get little to no respect, get little to no PTO, are guilt-tripped for taking sick days, are told to do more and more random things day in day out by management, are expected to follow routines parents don’t even follow at home, and still show up to work. We take care of your children, please be respectful.




Everyone thinks they can do our job because of that one time they opened Bud Lights at a company picnic a few years ago and that there’s no skill involved.

My idea for a reality show is to take those types and put them behind a bar that’s three deep in the weeds while Karen screams at them about slow service because she think’s it’s the ideal time to order craft cocktails and closes out after every round.

Not to mention the c**p us “lifers” have to deal with. Even people in our own families thinking we’re losers, alcoholics, and drug addicts because we chose this over a more “respectable” career. Nevermind that plenty of us are college educated only to realize we actually make more doing this than the more respectable career we intended to go into.


Meteorologists. Lotta jokes along the lines of “must be nice to be wrong half the time and still keep your job”. Do you know how difficult it is to predict the weather 2-3 days out, let alone a week out?



Nobody thinks to credit the dishwasher in having a well ran restaurant, but when we’re missing ours things start to slow down, a lot.

Our dishwasher gets paid $22 an hour but he works pretty dang hard, he helps us clean the tables when we’re short at the front and he’s constantly helping sort/unpack inventory when it comes in. It’s almost unfair to just call him a dishwasher.

Days where he’s gone, we have to lend a FoH to the back which reduces service capacity and then tired staff has to do the wash duty which can take an extra hour which sucks and leaves us grumpy.


CPS Investigators. Allow me to lay the rumors to bed. First, CPS does not *steal* or *kidnap* children. If you were unfortunate enough to have your child removed from your care, take responsibility for your own f**k ups and self reflect. Rest assured, the CPS worker did not *want* to remove your child, so if yours got removed, you gave them no other option.

second, CPS does not get a bonus for every child they bring in to custody (and they don’t get extra for removing children of color). Believe me, they do not get paid enough to do their job as it is, let alone any bonuses. And where would this money come from? The government barely has the funding to pay/reimburse foster parents for taking in kids. Hell, the whole child welfare system as a whole barely has the funding across the board to care for these kids. Where are bonuses supposed to come from?

Third, there are no “quotas” on how many kids are removed. No nationwide adoption conspiracy to take children from their homes. Seriously, no social worker/CPS investigator goes into their work each day wanting to take kids from their homes. None. No power trips (cause that power isn’t even in their hands, it’s up to a dam judge). Nothing. It’s a sad day for everybody when this happens. Sad for the families, sad for the kids, and sad for social worker too.




We really ARE just trying to help you save your teeth. And it’s really NOT fun to have patients immediately say how much they hate the dentist before they even say hello.



Teachers. There are obviously good and bad ones, but most all of us got into this crappy profession because we love your kids.




Most people who have actually encountered them avoid them because they always stink so effing bad, but they’re nice people 🙁


Embalmers. Thankless job people think they are creepy but who else would do that



Strippers/exotic dancers. If the person is comfortable enough to do that, then there’s no shame in them doing that. Also they can make good money in just a night


Here’s one that I think isn’t commonly mentioned in these discussions: Artists. Of all mediums. From live-performance to in-studio creations. As far as profession, the fields are saturated full of talented and knowledgable artists, but also full of people who are not intelligent and behave in poor ways to give artists a bad rep (people love to generalize!) Yes, creative fields such as the arts are unorthodox and can be heavily subjective in values and certifications, but that doesn’t make employment in the arts any less than a job in any other field. It’s f*****g difficult. Artists get a bad rep and it doesn’t help when people who know nothing about what they do ignorantly claim that they themselves can do it because “it’s so easy.”


Gastroenterologists get a bad wrap because a*s holes are gross and who would want to spend time there, but these guys save lives.




Really don’t get why; they’re the last ones to ever let you down.


Fairly surprised this hasn’t popped up on here yet:

Massage Therapists — the profession is grossly mistreated and misconceived, especially in the United States.

• highly sexualized – especially due to media depictions, abuse/misuse of services via professionals in positions of “power” (politicians, athletes, celebrities, etc)

• prone to misuse and abuse

• treated as as cheap, expendable labor usually due to the corroding thread of assumed sexual activity offered or the lack of integrity on our part (for example: we got into the profession just to “rub on people’s bodies for our own personal pleasure)

• our job is easy and what we are doing is MINDLESS, FUN, CHEEKY, ZEN, SEXY at all times when it is NOT.

• assumed we are all able to provide some sort of erotic experience during sessions, especially with tipping culture as it is in this current economic and social environment. Yes we are technically in the service industry, but we are also very technically health care providers.

• there is a lack of knowledge of what it actually takes to become an LMT and what is needed to maintain our licenses.

• Contempt for the profession based on wildly misunderstood and inaccurate information. For example: there are men and women who would rather suffer in pain than be touched by someone of the same gender. And while there are absolutely valid reasons for this personal choice… in my experience as an LMT it is often due to sexism, jealousy from boyfriends/girlfriends/partners, or just full blown homophobia. I have had men specifically say to me they will not receive massages from another man because “they aren’t gay and aren’t interested in trying that kinda life out” — oof.

These are just the things I’ve come across in my short but robust experience as a massage therapist thus far. There have been so many more nuanced unfair events that I’m not bringing to light or that just haven’t happened to me yet that I’m sure I am missing.



Tattoo artists. Ive been told countless times from others it’s a “ghetto” or “sketchy” job where they all sell drugs, but a lot of the ones I’ve met are really neat or chill. If it actually doesn’t have as much of a bad rap as I thought and I just know too many people who give it one my bad.



Customer service agent



Call center workers. Yes, we know that you are not happy with (insert whatever you or the client did here). We know that you don’t like having to do verification or to click through options when you dial in. No amount of verbal abuse, slurs, or sexual harassment will change that this happens.

Also, this doesn’t include scam call centers (“your car warranty is expiring”/fake tech support centers/etc.), but *does* include legitimate outbound centers (ex. collections, sales) and outsourced centers in India/Mexico/the Philippines/other places. Yes, they can be annoying, but that doesn’t change that there is an actual human being on the other side of the phone who is just trying to do their job. They were probably placed on the other side of the phone because of a decision made by some freak in a suit who hasn’t interacted with us peons in decades, not because they’re actively trying to annoy you.


Mechanics. Everyone thinks we’re putting so much effort into screwing you over. In reality we’re too lazy to work on our own s**t much less put extra effort into doing more work on your s**t.



If you ever watch movie credits you’ll see a job called “best boy”. I used to laugh at this job title (maybe I’m alone, maybe not?) but it’s actually a really important job in filmmaking even though it has a silly name.


Client are rude to them.
Bosses treat them like s**t.
And Public just wants then to work like donkeys and find fraud even though it’s not their primary responsibility.


Lawyers, when theyre /your/ lawyer theyre good lol.

But yeah people often like, don’t understand what the job of a lawyer truly is so people are quick to demonize them. Yeah theres some that truly are out there abusing loopholes and being scummy, but most lawyers are just doing what theyre supposed to. Making sure their client is getting charged fairly. Even if they are guilty, they still are there to ensure a just punishment and not overkill.