It’s natural to experience these emotions before a job interview. There is pressure to make a good impression on the business you want to work for and the individuals who could influence the course of your career.

Sadly, not everyone is very adept at controlling such emotions. Some people wind up losing all sense of themselves, sweating profusely, forgetting personal facts, and even stuttering.

As if that weren’t bad enough, some hiring managers or recruiters don’t seem to care about being sympathetic and wind up torturing their potential workers without cause. Some of them would even argue that this is how they would sort through the weeds to find deserving candidates.

We can all agree that there are many potentials for job interviews to go wrong in light of everything said above. Just how bad things get in reality varies.

Someone on Reddit invited readers to submit their horrifying job interview experiences, and a lot of people eagerly shared their tales. Therefore, if you have a job interview coming up, you should tough it out or close your eyes.

The future? If you’re willing, continue reading since it might help you be more prepared for what might happen.

1. These interviewers should have also had the courtesy to say it earlier so nobody had to waste their time

2. Isn’t this illegal as well?

3. We’re guessing he was quickly shown out the door after this

4. They decided based on appearances and that’s completely unfair

5. You have to be awake on the job after all

6. She clearly didn’t read the job posting very carefully or even have common sense

7. He probably should have shown more dedication to the company

8. Who knew that it just takes a fart to throw the interviewer out of balance

9. Was that by any chance Harvey Weinstein or one of his pals?

10. Getting that number of rejections from one company can really dent one’s confidence

11. A chicken dying on you doesn’t really inspire much confidence for potential employees

12. The dedication of this 60-year-old is something to applaud

13. This interviewer seems to be looking for someone he can be cohorts with

14. It’s amazing they still get customers with the kind of carelessness they have

15. Shouldn’t employers not underestimate potential employees until they’ve seen what they can actually do?

16. This interviewer was probably a sadist who just loved watching people squirm under their power

17. This guy was basically just waving a huge red flag

18. The job was just not meant to be for him right from the beginning

19. How could anyone go through this interview without sweating buckets?

20. That must have been some vocal exercise for nothing

21. What they did to this poor guy is just lame and unprofessional

22. It’s not hard to show even the least bit amount of respect really but this woman didn’t even have the decency

23. This person has good sense to refuse working with someone like that

24. It’s a big red flag when they keep looking for new people every time

25. Maybe she wasn’t aware that she wasn’t the one who made the rules in that situation

26. This person might just not have noticed that they actually did something right

27. The amount of stress the interview is foreshadowing already makes it not worth it for this person

28. It really pays to check twice or even thrice the details of your interview before going in

29. At least this guy was honest about it

30. Maybe he was trying to go for a Wolf of Wall Street kind of vibe

These instances demonstrate that no matter how well prepared you are for interviews, things can go wrong at any time, and you must be prepared to accept it. Simply see it as the universe pointing you toward where you’re supposed to be in life.

Which story worried you the most? Do you have any “worst interview stories” of your own?