It’s a loser’s game to give up. Have you ever heard it or something similar? Well, we have communicated, albeit not always, in the same manner, or with the exact same words.

Many of us grew up with the idea that giving up won’t get us anywhere and would only cause us to miss out on possibilities that could improve our lives. As a result, when it came time to enter adulthood, the real world, and our professions, we were well prepared to roll with the punches, overlook workplace problems, and keep going even when things weren’t going well.

They claimed that is how you advance a lot more quickly. They claimed that is how you develop a successful career. We assert that this idea also permits employers to exploit and mistreat their workers.

Thankfully, this kind of attitude is now being quickly rejected by society. More and more people today are coming to the conclusion that it is simply not worthwhile to torture yourself over a work that you detest and that is making you lose your mind.

Helana Darwin, Ph.D., posted a request on Twitter for individuals to share their experiences with quitting their employment in order to assist her in coping with her own professional conundrum. By their justifications, the responses didn’t disappoint in the least; we can confidently say that quitting isn’t for losers.

The tweet that sparked the discussion:

Go ahead and keep pushing away more employees why don’t you?

Those are the kinds of people who shouldn’t be ‘leading’ people

The results don’t lie

That was a quick jump from a nice ‘I need you’

That peace and relief is worth quitting a hundred toxic jobs for

It’s beautiful when passion wins over working simply for survival

Bad judge of their employee’s capabilities

Whoever allows these kinds of work environments to fester should really get a taste of their own medicine

Protect your sanity at all costs

They should be confused at their own incompetence

Quitting toxic jobs can literally save your life

Best professional mommy advice ever

When you start paying for damages they’ve caused, it’s time to run fast

Bad clients and a toxic workspace is the recipe for disaster

Don’t hang on to what’s not there anymore

This boss deserves to step on Legos for the rest of her life

Don’t trash talk other people when you don’t even know the basics of trashtalking

Love yourself and not the misery of the job

These are the elements of the perfect formula for employee abuse

Whoever is in that head office must not have any brains

Quitting can change people for the better

Finding yourself again just means you’ve made the perfect decision

People like this shouldn’t even be considered for leadership positions

What in the world is this boss and job?

It would feel so good to see this bully booted off the job

Joke’s on them

When LinkedIn busts out its tarot card talents

Your job should be helping you have a better life

When it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t

There’s no job in the world worth trading your peace and sanity for

Quitting a job is scary, especially if you have no other employment lined up. You briefly lose the feeling of financial security, experience an existential crisis over what comes next, and you could even start to feel like a burden to society.

But if doing that is what it takes to regain your sanity and sense of self, go for it! Give up that job. Say goodbye. Say adios. Never look back and give yourself a pat for doing a good job for yourself.