When we think of Scotland, we imagine a land of immeasurable beauty, immense knowledge, delicious food, and inspiring history. Surely, these things are true but this beautiful place is also known for one more thing and i.e. clever wit. In case you don’t know, the people of Scotland are very hilarious and funny. If you want to get a glimpse of it, you can simply go on Twitter. 

Also, there is a subreddit r/ScottishPeopleTwitter that has been making people laugh since 2015. This subreddit was started by sharing tweets like “maw bought aldi shower gel that smells like fairy liquid so I’ve been cutting about all day smelling like a f**ing plate” and “Can live wi paying 5p for one but am sick of having to f**in light the beacons of Gondor to summon someone anytime I want a bag in Asda”. 

And today, it has so many members. You can scroll down to see some of the hilarious tweets.

#1 Clever Cat

“Scots generally have a dark, dry, and direct sense of humor,” they said. “Observational comedy where someone points out something that everyone accepts as day to day reality but which would be absurd to an outside observer also goes down well.”

#2 We All Need A Little Confidence Boost

“Most posts that make it through the mod queue are representative, any posts that use ‘fooken’ or ‘fecking’ for fu*ken/fu*king are generally removed as no Scot hears how we say those words as that way phonetically,” the moderator explained.

#3 Mask Up, Ya Bams

Alistair Heather, who is writer and presenter in the Scots column in Scotland’s The National newspaper said, “Scots was the national language of a country that doesn’t exist anymore”. ​”As Scotland was amalgamated into Great Britain, Scots fell away from being a national language because it didn’t have a nation anymore.

“[But] it’s gaining a lot of legitimacy and validity through social media as a private expression [while] finding a public sphere.”

#4 Our Currency Is The Best!

#5 He’s Been Well Done There

#6 What Freedom Is Aw Aboot

#7 Manbat

#8 Stating The Obvious

#9 Hunner Percent

#10 What Windows?

#11 Xmas Miracle

#12 Scottish Clothes Shops

#13 Wholesome

#14 Quick Take On The Scottish Play

#15 Expectations vs. Reality

#16 Good Luck At School Today

#17 Can’t Beat A Fathers Jokes

#18 Fs John, Too Soon

#19 Well That’s Us Screwed

#20 Life, Eh, Finds A Way

#21 Lightning Lizzie

#22 It’s That Easy

#23 Good Tae Know

#24 Aye, Ye Pair Ay Bampots

#25 London 1993

#26 Our Government

#27 Yer Da Does The Washing

#28 Dilf Hunter

#29 Hotland

#30 Fair Enough

#31 Shavin A Tattie

#32 Very Fair Point

#33 Yer No Meant To Eat The Parts Separately

#34 Ye Nugget

#35 Maccies