Diane Keaton, one of Hollywood’s leading ladies with a slew of rom-coms to her credit, has revealed that she hasn’t had an off-screen romance in 35 years.

The 73-year-old actress revealed to InStyle magazine that she is never the object of male attention, admitting that she “never” gets taken out on dates despite having many male friends.

In reality, the Los Angeles-born mother of two, who has never been married, claimed that she hasn’t been on a date in 35 years, implying that she was probably in her 30s the last time she went on a romantic date.

Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton


‘I haven’t been on a date in, I would say, 35 years. No dates.’

Diane, who rose to fame as Annie Hall in 1977, added that she has a number of male friends,’ before joking that this hasn’t resulted in any dates or ‘mwah-mwah,’ as she put it.

That hasn’t stopped the actress from enjoying life to the fullest; in her 50s, she decided to adopt two children, welcoming daughter Dexter, now 24, in 1996 and son Duke, now 18, in 2001.

Diane suggested in a 2018 interview with the Inquirer that she never saw marriage in her future, even as a child.

‘I am what they used to call an old maid,’ she said. ‘I am, but I don’t think I was marriage material, honestly, because I’m too independent. I am still pretty cheerful about life.’

She added, ‘I saw what my mother had to do and, no, that wasn’t going to happen to me. And that is why I’m single. Look at me, I have never been married.’

Her assertion that she hasn’t been on a date implies that she hasn’t been romanced since 1984, long before some of her early career-defining roles, like Father of the Bride. (1991).

Despite her apparent longtime single status, Diane is best known for her performances in romantic comedies such as First Wives Club (1996), Hanging Up (2000), The Family Stone (2005), The Big Wedding (2013), and Book Club (2014). (2018).

Diane portrayed a successful, mature playwright who has recently sworn off dating in the 2003 film. Something’s Gotta Give, only to become entangled in a love triangle with two men.

And, while she happily discussed her lack of dates over the last few decades, Diane avoided discussing her previous affairs with renowned actors.

The actor has previously expressed her admiration for Woody Allen, who directed her in Annie Hall.

‘Obviously, Annie Hall is responsible for everything,’ Diane told the publication. ‘That was the start. I worked on several films with him [Woody Allen]’.

Since 1968, the two have been pals. Diane earlier stated that she had an ‘instant crush’ on the director and had a five-year romance with him that terminated in 1974.

Diane blamed the end of their romance on her bulimia in her 2011 memoir, Then Again. She would remain at home in her twenties, bingeing and purging on food, forcing Allen to refer her to a psychoanalyst to help her work through her issues.

Diane has remained a staunch supporter of her friend, who was accused of molesting his adopted daughter Dylan Farrow in 1992, an accusation he has categorically rejected.

‘Woody Allen is my friend, and I continue to trust him,’ Diane stated in January 2018.

Diane admitted to having a ‘crush’ on Al Pacino while filming The Godfather in 1971. They had a brief romance, but Diane ended things when he declined to settle down.

The famous Los Angeles-based actress also had a crush on co-star Warren Beatty, with whom she co-starred in Reds and Town & Country.

‘I recall the first time I saw Warren Beatty,’ she told Ladies’ Home Journal of her crush on him. ‘Oh my God,’ I thought in Splendor in the Grass. ‘Who is he?’ He was seductive but in a distinct way. I mean, we’re talking about something beautiful. Pretty much like Justin Bieber. As a result, my expectations were unreasonable.’

‘In real life, Warren was a rare bird and a collector’s object. ‘He had ambitions I couldn’t even begin to imagine,’ Diane wrote of their brief relationship in her autobiography.

Let’s Say It Wasn’t Pretty, her second self-penned book, also claims that the only males in her life are the images of 48 men she admires, such as Elvis, John Wayne, Gary Cooper, and James Dean, which are all hung on a wall in her home.

‘They [the images] still give me hope for a house that can never be – a home that lives only in my thoughts,’ she wrote movingly. ‘A marriage and married existence.’

‘My life went a certain way, and abruptly I was 50 with no purpose, and I wanted a family,’ she told Ladies Home Journal about becoming a parent later in life. In some respects, my children are fortunate because I am less self-absorbed now. However, they know they have this older parent, which must be odd for them.’

Diane has mastered the use of social media in recent months. Diane has one million Instagram followers and frequently shares pictures of her unique style – but she doesn’t consider herself an icon, she told InStyle.

‘This word ‘icon’ is novel to me,’ she admitted. ‘No one has ever referred to me as a hero. People become icons over time because they have been around for a long period. That’s a symbol for you.’

When questioned if she considers herself a ‘bada**,’ Diane opened up about her lack of confidence.

‘It’s hard to say that I ever feel powerful or confident,’ she admitted. ‘Those two words are not really in my purview.’