From the fun to the freaky, these 3D tattoos are beautiful optical illusions.

3D tattoos are more and more popular among today’s generation, and it’s normal, as the style of these body art pieces is unique. The technique used by the artists consists of creating the illusion that the drawing is part of your skin. Another way to make this kind of design is to give the impression that multiple images are sitting on top of each other.

Lucky for us, there are tattoo artists out there whose unique designs will make sure you’ll never get tired of your new ink.

We have compiled a list of the coolest 3D tattoos tattoo artists have created and they’ll have you think your eyes are playing tricks on you. See them in the gallery below.

#1 Would Love To Keep Doing Pieces Like This With The “Old” Tattoos

#2 Finally Got The Tattoo I’ve Always Wanted

#3 Finger Candles

#4 Small Realistic Tattoo

#5 Amazing Cat Tattoo. It’s An Awesome Work, It Pops Off The Skin

#6 Would Love To Have This One Too

#7 3D Tattoo

#8 This Optical Illusion Is Perfect As A Tattoo

#9 Impressive Realistic Tattoo Filled With 3D Blocks

#10 Amazing Glass Tattoo

#11 Not An Everyday Thing, But Very Enjoyable

#12 Tattoo By Danny And Domestic’s Tattoos Mossend Scotland

#13 Skull I Did 2 Days In A Row

#14 Sorry To The People Who Get Creeped Out By This One, But I Like It

#15 Cover Up From Today

#16 This Piece Symbolize The Strength That Is Needed To Free Yourself From Pain. It Represents The Inner Power Required To Free Our Mind And Truly Let Go

#17 Progress Shot Of This Fun Piece I Started Today

#18 Realism Tattoo

#19 3D Pink Floyd Piece

#20 This One Is So Beautiful

#21 Had Fun Doing This Piece Yesterday On And Awesome Client

#22 For The One Who Can’t Live Without Fishing

#23 We Spent Close To 8 Hours On The Stencil For This Thing

#24 After 2 Sessions Totaling 12 Hours Of Work. The Damper Is Fully Healed. The Background Was Made In The Freehand With No References

#25 3D Needle Tattoo

#26 3D Tattoo

#27 Goku Loves The 3D Effect Of This Tattoo

#28 Incredibly Beautiful Chest Tattoo

#29 This One’s Even Creepy

#30 Little Cute Rainbow