Being a parent is a demanding job that requires many difficult decisions. Not the least of these is deciding on the ideal name for a new baby.

After all, the aim is to choose a name that will distinguish your child for the rest of their life. It’s something you don’t want to get wrong.

Some parents take the prudent approach and name their child after an intelligent, professional-sounding person. Others may name their children after a family member or a close friend.

But there is another sort of parent who feels compelled to give their child the most unique, odd, and difficult-to-spell name conceivable. And they are the parents we’re discussing today!

A Facebook group named “That name is a Tragedeigh 2.0” is dedicated to naming and shaming parents who choose unusual names for their children. And (sadly) there are plenty of such instances.

Zane Mauldon-Green is an admin who took over the group’s administration after becoming a member. “I’ve since taken over running the group because the original creator has two young children and is very busy with all of the tasks that come with being a mother,” he explained.

So, why do some parents choose names that appear to be ridiculous? According to Zane, parents “often get caught up in words they like or think sound pretty, without considering that their child will one day grow up and have to deal with the bullying or other consequences of having a tragic name.”

1. Ascaris

2. Cain and Abel

3. “It’s pronounced Faith, but I wanted it to be unique.”

4. Nirvana

5. Lemon

6. Adonis

7. TexAnn

8. That’s unfortunate.

9. Steven Stevens

10. Smelvin

“Having a ‘unique’ name, or as we call them ‘tragic names,’ can definitely have an impact on a child growing up,” Zane explains. Whether it’s kids making fun of their name all the time or the child having to continually correct people’s pronunciation or spell their name for them.”
“I’ve also heard stories about people being unable to place phone orders for food because the store thought it was a hoax name,” Zane said. “Please allow your children to be unique; they don’t need a poorly chosen name to do so.”

11. Loadley and Trucksey

12. Juan and, um, Juan

13. Xiomama

14. Avenida

15. Tom Brady’s Wife

16. All the Brains

17. Legacy

18. Mazikeen Aurora

19. Kevin’a

What are some of the group’s worst names, according to Zane? “I believe that any name that is purposefully spelled incorrectly in order to be unique, such as Emma-Leigh instead of Emily,” he stated.
“However, Knoxxli Blayze and Addilyn are two of the worst I’ve seen,” Zane said. “Mostly because they’re not names, just weird mashups of other words or worse.”

20. Menomonee

21. Jzateke

22. Kactus

23. Emanon

24. Happy birthday, Curstin!

25. Stratton

26. Amazakeen

27. Smith and Wesson

28. Copper and Steel

29. Leave it!

30. Relic

31. Behryx

32. Galvesten

33. Anastaigaha

34. Let’s hope they have a boy!

35. Jerzee

36. Dudley

37. LyrRik

38. Rehvenge

39. Matalie

40. Phaeylynn and Devynn

According to Zane, parents are typically selfish and “don’t really consider their child’s future in terms of their name.” “Forcing your child to correct people’s spelling and pronunciation for the rest of their lives is not sweet; it’s cruel,” he remarked.

Nonetheless, we get a good laugh at some of the most sad names. If you agree, “then come join us and tell us about them!” Zane stated.

Do you have any knowledge of a youngster with an odd name? Please tell us about them in the comments section below.