We’ve all seen our fair share of ridiculous internet moments, replies, remarks, or tweets. It’s unavoidable to check in and not find anything stupid online.

This essay will go through 40 examples of the dumbest incidents captured and shared for our amusement by “The Stupid Police.” “The Stupid Police” has done their fair share of work in exposing some of the dumbest incidents captured on video and posted to the internet.

People can send in dumb videos they see on the internet. They’ve worked to ensure that no stupid or dumb moment goes unnoticed.

Everyday posts are screenshotted and uploaded on their Twitter profile for everyone to see. Whether it’s bogus news, nonsensical conspiracies, or dubious arguments circulated, we’ve got it all.

The internet is a place where we love to thrive and share, but as you can see from some of these postings, it can also be used for the worst. You may thank “The Stupid Police” for these amusing dumb, and idiotic situations captured by folks.

Let’s have a look at these 40 stupid moments captured by “The Stupid Police.” You’re bound to shake your head at a number of them, which are simply too foolish to believe.

Let’s get started.

1. Yes, sure just take away the benches to prevent homeless people from sleeping on it…. what?

2. Actually, I think you’re the idiot…

3. I’m sorry… but what? You’re an antivaxxer microbiologist? Interesting.

4. He didn’t help his case; he only made it worse. But A+ for trying.

5. This one is just too much for me. The response is exactly what we all probably said in our head.

6. “Discuss” or “disgust”?

7. Waterproof after 18? I mean, right? Smh.

8. This is definitely not okay, and no, nobody does that. No wonder KitKat blocked you.

9. Mental illness for sure.

10. I don’t think this is a fair comparison.

11. Who’s stupid?

12. I’ll take my chances on being “under the rest.”

13. I don’t think she understands the assignment..

14. You only hurt yourself with that one.

15. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….

16. I can’t with this one.

17. I mean, but why did they actually try it.

18. That would be because it’s a list of “Female Musicians.”

19. I think being pregnant for 27 months would be terrifying too. Good thing that’s not how this works.

20. We’re just going to let you have that one.

21. “Then don’t waste my time.”

22. “Yo Gaby this is the surgeon.”

23. She took that literally didn’t she.

24. Okay then..

25. First of all, I’m not even staying to take that picture.

26. “I am a girl if that helps.” It doesn’t but thank you.

27. I guess they missed the memo on what wheelchairs are for.

28. “Four meal your.”

29. “A waist choker” I’m screaming.

30. Disappointing.

31. I mean you asked.

32. What are they supposed to do?

33. Grammarly might be a good option for your book then.

34. Someone please tell them.

35. “Where’d”… You can just keep them.

36. Ummmmmm..

37. This is too much. The “are the feathers wet?” got me.

38. Empathy and human emotions. What a crazy concept.

39. Not the response they wanted I’m sure.

40. I don’t want to choose any of them.

I’m sure reading some of these posts made many of us feel a little better about ourselves. We’ve all had our “blonde moments,” but some were just too much for us.

Thank you to “The Stupid Police” for staying on top of things and screen-capturing these insane posts from folks. If you make a mistake, you can find yourself on this page.

At the very least, you got a nice laugh out of these. Share this with your friends so they may laugh as well.