Celebrate, Pandas! Our most generous and beneficent Feline Overlords have determined that we once again laud and admire them. Our team at Hiptoro has ventured to the farthest reaches of the internet to bring you some of the most amusing cat pictures ever seen. We hope this has inspired you to adopt a floof or two from your local animal shelter. Because there’s nothing quite like sharing your home with a pet.

Scroll down to see some of the most amusing, goofy, and derpy things these creatures have ever done. Their owners were fortunate to capture these moments, which they couldn’t help but publish on the internet.

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Hiptoro contacted the PDSA, the UK’s premier vet charity, with a few cat-related questions. We were curious to learn how owners can detect if their cats are happy or lonely and how they might treat their pets in a healthy, engaging way. Claire Roberts, a PDSA vet, told us that spending time with our cats is one of the best ways to reward them, and she highlighted some of the most obvious indicators that your cat is happy.

#1 Zorro And Bandit Are Ready To Fight Crime

#2 Are We A Joke To You?

#3 Went To Bed Last Night With My Wife And Woke Up To This In The Morning. We Don’t Have Cat. (It’s A Neighbor’s Cat)

#4 Meow_irl

#5 Huh? Wazzit? Wha .. What’s Happening??

#6 This Cat Looks Like A Gruff Old Kung Fu Master

#7 Meow_irl

#8 Speed

#9 Kitten Relaxing On A Full Stomach

#10 He Is The Chosen One!

#11 Meow Irl

#12 Whilst On Holiday, My Sister Asked For An Update Picture Of Her Two Cats. This Is What She Got

#13 Meow_irl

#14 Mine Carpet

#15 A Girl Teaching Her Cat How To Write

#16 The Council Has Decided Your Fate

#17 He’s Trying To Lure Me Behind The Bed With Red Balloons

#18 I Started Feeding A Street Cat Last Year, The News Is Going Fast In The Neighborhood…

#19 I Put My Shirt To The Floor Next To The Washing Machine. This Is Three Minutes Later

#20 Truly A Master Of Disguise

#21 My Mum Is Visiting This Weekend And She Has Taken The Absolute Best Photo Of The Cats

#22 Meow_irl

#23 Filthy Hobbitses!

#24 Thought My Wife Was Getting A Kitten, Not A Furry Judgmental Parrot

#25 When I Sit Down She Climbs On My Neck And Refuses To Leave. Even When I Stand Up She’s Not Bothered

#26 My Argument For A 4th Cat. We Have 4 Corners To The Bed

#27 “Describe Your Cat In One Picture”

#28 My Cat Stands Up, When He Hears Bell Noises


#30 New Rock Band

#31 He Always Tries To Lie On Top Of The Eggs, So We Put Ping Pong Balls In The Egg Carton

#32 I Can Be Your Angel Or Your Devil

#33 During Lockdown, My Husband And I Would Pretend To Go The Pub, And Sit At The Breakfast Bar With A Drink. Our Cat Liked Joining In!