Apple won’t make a 5G iPhone up until 2020 or even 2021. 5G Connectivity now is the buzzword in the smartphone arena. Every other phone maker is eyeing to release the next 5G phone at the earliest in the market. But the same can’t be said for the California based company.

According to Timothy Arcuri a UBS analyst “there is an aggravating possibility that Apple will not be able to launch a 5G iPhone in the year 2020.”

Apple is expected to join the 5G bandwagon around the 2021 mark.

So what’s causing the delay?

The Intel 5G modem chip that the company is operating with is experiencing “heat dissipation” problem and with 5G this problem is worsening. Intel’s chip market head Sandra Rivera admitted that Intel’s 5G modem chip won’t arrive in consumer market until 2020.

5G iPhone 2020

Another issue for the 5G iPhone delay is the tussle between the company and Qualcomm. Initially, Apple was to use Qualcomm’s modem but due to disputes over licensing, Apple has now decided to ditch the idea of using Qualcomm’s modem and will use Intel’s instead.

The delay causing factor in iPhone 5G is also due to how power-hungry 5G is. Battery life is said to be affected negatively by the first-generation 5G devices. That’s why Apple is hesitating to release a 5G iPhone.

According to some reports, even a 2021 launch remains a big technical impediment.
The global rollout of 5G is still in its infant stages. 5G networks are springing to go live in the US, In the UK 5G won’t be pushed out until late 2019 and same goes with the rest of the world.

Apple iPhone 5G

As far as today’s iPhones are concerned you, unfortunately, can’t use them for 5G connectivity.

The Cupertino firm is just playing the waiting game, Apple is holding itself back and is idling for the perfect opportunity.