“Laughter is the best medicine.” It’s an age-old saying that I’m sure you’ve heard at least once, if not several times.

As cliche as the statement is, it is supported by scientific evidence. Laughing has numerous advantages for us.

Laughter not only provides emotional and physical relief, but it can also assist in reducing stress and even boost our immune systems. And, with so many stressful and generally unpleasant things going on right now (such as yet another COVID variation, unprecedented inflation, and the climate change catastrophe), humor may be a welcome escape and a simple way to interact with others.

Despite all of the terrifying and dreadful things that are happening in the world, at least we live in a time where we have the Internet to link individuals from all over the world with an unending supply of hilarious things. And today, we’re sharing some hilarious posts from ‘The Funny Introvert,’ a popular Instagram account.

‘The Funny Introvert,’ which has 2.7 million followers and is always expanding, aggregates memes, jokes, and hilarious social media messages from all over the Internet. While many have an underlying theme of introversion, The Funny Introvert refers more to the account founder than the actual articles.

Please scroll down to view some of the best posts we found to share with you today.

1. It still counts as going outside

2. Nobody has wanted to work for thousands of years, can we just stop with capitalism?

3. McDonald’s in the 90s were rad as heck

4. Introversion is something we’re born with

5. AKA: It’s a trap

6. Waiting mode is a pain in the butt

7. 2024: We don’t want to go out in public

8. Pro tip: You don’t have to say hi ever

9. As long as you’re not nude, I don’t see any issue with wearing whatever you want wherever you are

10. He makes a good point

11. It’s always the male significant other

12. The dream

13. It’s not like I’m doing anything with my body after I’m dead

14. Please show us your pets

15. It *might* teach them a lesson

16. Let’s make this a quick and quiet transaction, please

17. I need the option to be done in 30 minute intervals

18. Bugs are one of the many things that’s awful about outside

19. Looks like LeBron is in Gatorade, Chad

20. I’m still salty 12 years later about forgetting my massive CD collection in my ex’s truck when we broke up

21. Vicious cycle of exhaustion

22. J can be very troublesome

23. Sometimes all we need is a little appreciation for what we have (or don’t have)

24. A quick IMDB intermission

25. It’s a balance

26. Yeah, that definitely would sting

27. No one is really okay anymore

28. Why aren’t all millennials skinny by now

29. Every text has the potential for regret

30. It’s called object permanence, if I bookmark something, it’s gone forever

31. Why would someone be nervous about turning a certain age? It’s inevitable

32. Yes, same, except longer

33. Grandma’s are the OG recyclers

34. Looks like their mom was the world’s greatest liar

35. Ouch, like salt to the wound

36. Which is soon to be followed by great detail about why

37. Something to look forward to

38. So much garbage

39. Sleeping on the hard floor with bugs and no climate control, woo

40. Funny story, terrible decision making

41. Medamnit, Peter

42. A very sweet thought

43. *Sip* ‘eh

44. I’m sure there ARE lots of bacteria you can pick up at Coachella

45. The only thing that’s changed is our level of comfort

46. Mid-to-late 80s

47. Now you’re talking

48. Probably a terrible idea, but I always set my dryer to “more dry”

49. There is a multi-day process of getting mentally and emotionally prepared for socialization

50. That pesky object permanance again

51. If you succeed, you theoretically exert 1% less effort than by moving things in and out

52. Who are we to question gods will

53. Rose would definitely tire of Jack’s shenanigans real quick

54. Plastic bags naturally live that way

55. A nice, oozy middle

56. Rude ass ice cream man

57. Easter Bunny don’t give a damn

58. Get that nostalgia money

59. Gotta spend some time stressing over it first

60. It’s called multi-tasking

61. Grocery Store Jukebox

I hope that one of the shared posts made you giggle today. After all, it’s beneficial for your health.

Were any of these tweets very relatable to you? Or was there one in particular that you preferred?

Let us know your opinions and favorites in the comments section below, and be sure to share a laugh with your friends and family by sharing this with them.