A father from Ohio has reportedly taught her daughter a lesson as the kid bullied another. The video of the girl walking in 36 degrees to her school has allegedly caught the attention of the internet after the shared the video of the punishment of the daughter.

Source: youtube

A resident of Swanton, Matt Cox reportedly revealed in the Facebook video that Kristen, his 10-year-old daughter has allegedly been kicked off from her school bus twice as she was accused of bullying another student and this led to the father of Kristen, Cox had to drive Kristen to school.

And this time Cox did things very differently, he utilized the opportunity and thought to teach his daughter a lesson. In the video, Cox was heard saying that “he wants to make this extremely clear and he focused on the part by saying that bullying is something which is entirely unacceptable, most importantly in his household.

Source: youtube

Cox also said in the video that the children of today think that the thing that their parents do for them is their right and this isn’t a privilege, this also includes that parents dropping off their child in the school. This furthermore also provides bus rides to school. And these privileges must be treated as privilege nothing more or nothing less. So that very day she made her beautiful daughter walk around five miles in 36-degree weather to the school.

Kristen is seen walking on the pavement of the road, in the video footage and Cox appeared following his daughter behind via his vehicle. Several users of social media have reportedly applauded the father to take this decision whereas some other people have accused the father of publicly shaming his daughter and even commented in the comment section that the father has gone overboard.

Source: youtube

But Cox didn’t waver with the punishment he has given to his daughter, and this was reflected in a recent WTVG interview.

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